Szechuan was a province in western China.

In 1200, in a part of Song China, the history of Szechuan started to diverge from OTL when there was no attack of the Mongols in 1258 (2955, Yang Earth Horse in the Chinese calendar).

1306 (3003, Yang Fire Horse), after the Song government had failed to pay the officials in some provinces, the unrest in China grew. People increasingly agreed that the emperor had lost the Mandate of Heaven. In this year, the rebellions started with Szechuan seceding from the empire, becoming an independent kingdom.

In 1349 (3046, Yin Earth Ox), the Black Death reached Szechuan.

During the years 1362-66 (3059, Yang Water Tiger / 3063, Yang Fire Horse), the emperor of Hong China conquered the upper Yangtse kingdom, Szechuan and Dali kingdom (the latter one hadn't been Chinese yet).

1384 (3081, Yang Wood Rat) unrest broke out in Szechuan, but the Hong emperor defeated it.

Szechuan is also famous because galvanization was invented here. Thus, Szechuan became the center for the production of all kinds of galvanized metal things.

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