The Syriac War was a short clash between Hill and Dome tribesmen and native Syrians. In 13 BCE, the Hills and Domes tried to conquer Syria and establish a Neo-Cycaen empire.

Phase One/Syriac-Sican conflict

The Hill tribe had been living in Armenia since the Sican Diaspora, while the Dome tribe resided around modern-day Baghdad. The two tribe's leaders met and decided that they would attack Syria and try to establish a combined nation there.

The Hills and Domes combined began with about 70,000 soldiers, against the local Syrian tribe's 25,000. The Hills and Domes attacked Damascus first, but failed there. They then tried attacking Antioch, which was actually a Roman port. This angered Rome and caused war with them.

Phase Two/Syriac-Roman and Sican conflict

In August of 13 BCE, the Romans launched 50,000 men to attack the Hills and Domes. The Hills and Domes ditched their offensive positions and regrouped in a camp in northern Iraq. In January, 12 BCE, the Hills and Domes launched a second offensive on Damascus, which was now defended by the huge Roman forces as well. It was a complete failure, and the Hills and Domes fled from the area, traveling east into India.

After effects

After this brief war, the Hill and Dome tribes split up once again, the Hills eventually heading into and conquering China, while the Domes migrated into Thailand and settled a small country there.

The Romans also used their force in Damascus to conquer the Syrians, absorbing them into their giant empire.

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