Aramea| Republic of Aramea

Capital: Damascus

Largest cities: Emesa, Aleppo, Antioch, Mary, Hamat, Ebla, Palmyra, Alexandretta

Official languages: Aramaic

Other languages: Hellenic

Ethnic groups: 74.3% Arameans, 10.7% Phoenicians, 5.4% Assyrian, 2.5% Greeks, 2.1% Armenians, 5.2% Others (Jews, Egyptians, Persians, Nabateans, Canaanites, Babylonians, Kurds)

Religions: Monophysite Christianity (36.7%), Orthodox Christianity (22.3%), Melkite Catholic Church (17.8%), Assyrian Church of the East (5.4%), Others (13.3%), Non-religious (4.5%)

Demonym: Aramean

Government: Republic | Unitary parliamentary, constitutional republic

President: Julia Domna

Prime Minister: Aemilius Papinianus

Legislature: Parliament

Upper house: Senate of the Republic

Lower house: Chamber of Deputies

Area: 190,583 sq km

Population (2015): 25,647,893

Currency: Aramean Lira (ALR)

Internet TLD: .am

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