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Syrian Caliphate
الخلافة سوري
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: Most of the Middle East
Flag of Syria Coat of arms of Syria
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Syrian Caliphate in Yellow

الله يهدي دائما (Arabic)
("Allah always guide")

Anthem "For the East and Islam"
Capital Damascus
Largest city Jerusalem
  others Turkish, Greek, Hebraic
  others Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox
Demonym Syrian
Government Islamic Elective Monarchy
  legislature Islamic Concil
Caliph Ali Khamenei
Concil Vizier Ali Larijani
Independence from Ottoman Sultanate
  declared 1860
  recognized 1920
Currency Islamic Pound
Organizations Italian League for Peace

Arabic League

The Syrian Caliphate is the country home of the Caliph of the Islam and also the major power in the Middle East.

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