Republic of Syria
Official languages Syriac, Arabic
Capitals Damascus
Largest City Damascus
Population 6,229,000
HDI 0.857
Republic founded
Currency Syrian Pound (SYP)
Our Timeline Equivalent Syria, minus Golan Heights and northeastern areas (east of the Euphrates)

Syria is the most populous Christian-majority nation in the Middle East.



50% Non-Vegetarian
50% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

52% Assyrian
36% Arab
05% Israeli
05% Kurd
02% other


62% Aramaic (chiefly Syriac)
32% Arabic
03% Kurdish
02% Hebrew
01% other


53% Christian (Assyrian, Greek Orthodox, etc)
27% Muslim
15% non-religious (agnostic and atheist)
04% Jewish
01% others (Yazdanism, etc)

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