Timeline: Athenian Legacy
Flag of Syracuse
Sicily map
Sicily in the Classical Era
(and largest city)
Language Greek
Religion Greek Pantheon
Ethnic Groups
  others Etruscan
Legislature Tyrant
204.1 km²
  water (%) Mediterranean
Established 734 BCE
Annexation to Athens
  date 338 BCE
Syracuse was an ancient Greek City-State that existed in the south-eastern section of Sicily. It was originally founded by Corinthian colonists in 734 BCE, who positioned the city on a extremely fertile plot of land. The city grew enormasely, apparently laying claim as one of the most powerful Greek City State of its time. Following a series of wars and political changes, Syracuse came to incorporate citizens from all across the island, especially from Gela, Kamarina and Megera. In the 400s BCE, Syracuse became a thriving democracy, until it was overthrown by a series of Tyrants who re-organized the city to allow it to function as a super-state. Following a series of wars, Syracuse reached its height during the late 400s, when it successfully defeated a Athenian invasion of Sicily in the Peloponnesian War. However, Syracuse began its decline after it was defeated by a series of Athenian colonies in the First Syracusan War. Despite this loss, Syracuse continued to expand for another half-century, until it was annexed for the last time in the much smaller, Second Syracusan War.

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