Symon Revenjo
Born July 18th, 1821
Nadvirna, Galicia
Title Commander-in-Chief

Symon Revenjo is a Military Officer in the Interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.


Symon Revenjo was born on the 18th of July, 1821 in the suburbs of Nadvirna. He was raised in a house of modest wealth, his father was a ex-soldier and a shop owner and his mother was a immigrant from eastern Ukraine. In 1841, Symon joined the Hapsburg Imperial Army as a Infantry soldier, but was honorably relieved of his command in 1846 as a small officer to take up his fathers business, who died in a consumption outbreak. During the revolution of 1848, Symon joined the Revolutionary Forces that operated near Hungary, taking part in the capture of Hungary. In 1849, the Ukrainian decided to sell his fathers business and join the growing military, taking part in the entirety of the Russian War and receiving several honors for valor.

During the Balkan and Levant War, he was placed under the command of Alexander Kremvera, but was extremely wounded during the second assault on Istanbul. Symon was shipped off to a forward command hospital in Albania, where he remained for the entirety of the civil war, his mind wavering heavily over his personal support. Symon is not, nor has a man of politics, returning to the military after the civil war fully recovered, and taking up arms as a honored Brigadier General, rather then entering politics.

In 1857, after briefly receiving command of the communication and directive wing of the Ministry of War, Symon was appointed Chief of the General Staff, quickly becoming amongst the youngest leading officers in the history of the Federation. Almost directly after his appointment, Symon was tasked with the reorganization of the armed forces, from which time he became sincerely acquainted to the Minister of War, Andrei Popa. Revenjo and Popa were able to clean up the military forces in under a year.

Such a reorganization was put to the test when Giuseppe Garibaldi, the leader of a Italian Nationalist group, marched with 10,000 men and seized the Duchy of Modena, then under the direst influence of the Danubian Federation. In the Battle of Modena, Symon and the Italian Army of the Danube decisively defeated the Nationalist Army in what became the first sole victory for the Ukrainian.


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