Sylvia Terra Celestia Valorum
Timeline: Great Empires

Sylvia Valorum
Portrait of Sylvia Terra Celestia Valorum

President of the United Planets
1111 ABC – present

Predecessor Palatine Venalis

Senator of Chrysalia
1106 ABC – 1111 ABC

Predecessor Dest Serqarz
Successor Celina Yelena
Born 1078 ABC (aged 35)
Chrysalia, Andromeda Galaxy
Homeworld Chrysalia
Father Kai Valorum
Mother Terra Celestia
Religion The Force
“Citizens of the Republic, do you hear yourselves? More weapons, more war, we need to end this conflict not increase it. Many people in the republic live in poverty, withouth electricity, food or water. The Republic has always funded these basic services, but now there are people who want to divert money to the war with no thought for what the people need to survive. If not for the people of the republic, who are we fighting for. My people, your people, all of our people, this war is meant to save them from suffering, not increase it. I support our brave soldiers, from whatever planet they may come from. But if we continue to impoverish our people, it's not on the battlefield where the Zakhanra will defeat us, but in our own homes. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to preserve the lives of those around us by ending the war, once and for all!”
~ Sylvia Valorum
 Sylvia Celestia Valorum is the current president of the Republic of the United Planets. She was elected to this position in 1111 ABC (2011 AD). She was the former Senator of Chrysalia.