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Schweiz (German)
Suisse (French)
Svizzera (Italian)

— Subdivision of [[Holy Roman Empire (timeline)|Holy Roman Empire]] —
Timeline: timeline
(and largest city)
President name of head of province
Deputy-President name of deputy head of province
Area area km²
Population population 
Established date


Politics and Government

Switzerland is one of the main constituents of the Holy Roman Empire.

Heads of State

Switzerland is ruled by a president, which rotates every three years, and a council of senators (one from each state). Most decisions require only a majority vote (11/20); more important issues require a quailified-majority vote (15/20). The president casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

The Prince of Graubünden is also the Protector of Switzerland, as well as being Duke of Milan and Emperor of Austria.

  • Duchy of Montbéliard - Duke Frederick V of Württemberg
  • Duchy of St. Galen
  • Principality of Graubünden - Emperor Otto II of Austria
  • Principality of Jura
  • Principality of Neuchâtel - King Frederick V of Prussia
  • Republic of Appenzel
  • Republic of Basel
  • Republic of Bern
  • Republic of Fribourg
  • Republic of Glaurus
  • Republic of Solothurn
  • Republic of Thrugau
  • Republic of Ticino
  • Republic of Unterwalden
  • Republic of Uri
  • Republic of Valais
  • Republic of Zug
  • Republic of Zurich
  • Free City of Geneva
  • Free City of Schaffhausen

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