Flag of Switzerland

Switzerland is a Federal Republic and a Direct Democracy that was founded circa 1300 AD. It is most widely known for its neutrality after the Napoleonic Wars.


Switzerland has a military that operates with standard equipment compared to others at this time. They have public shelters that can withstand a nuclear attack, though they can and will be used during any natural disaster. They have, as of 1955, an updated air force of 150 fighters.


The Swiss Anti-Nuclear Defense Project was started in 1953 with the goal of combating nuclear weapons. Currently they have made the following milestones:

  • Javelin missile - a relatively short-range weapon which can take down incoming bombers. Completed in 1952.
  • Interceptor rocket - A proposed rocket capable of taking down ICBM's. current timetable:1975

Foreign Relations

Switzerland is neutral to all countries.They are not in the UN. The only foreign relations of note is the Fact that they are currently purchasing jets from Australia, and Germany which will total 150 in number by 1955.

Nuclear Capabilities

Switzerland has a ban on Nuclear weapons, and will most likely never have any. They are a member of the nuclear-non proliferation treaty. Swiss physicists are currently working towards peaceful uses of nuclear technology, such as atomic energy.


the Swiss Rocket Association was founded in 1953 to further space exploration. they have made the following milestones:

  • Launched rocket O-2 in 1954
  • Launched Helvetica in 1957
  • Manned spaceflight- current timetable: 1960

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