Switzerland has a very diverse geography, ranging from the rolling plains of the Jura to the towering peaks of the Alps. The nation is considered an Alpine State, due to most of the nation being situated in the mountains. The Jura provides the Swiss with most of the agricultural products and the cities contain much of the industry. The Alps are used by the Swiss as a natural barrier, keeping out potential enemies.


Switzerland is a direct democracy with the citizens voting for constitutional amendments, and laws. There is a board of 7 politicians who act as the executive branch, and enforce the laws along with making Swiss foreign policy. There is a National Assembly who make and pass minor laws, but most laws are voted on by the people. Swiss voting percentages are quite high with 89% of people voting. Citizens have the right to call for laws, financial plans, and other issues to be voted on by direct democracy, the people.

Political Divisions

Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons. Each canton has their own constitution, judicial system, laws, and parliament. They act as individual republics, unified under one government.


  • 5,429,061 (Census - 1960)

National Emergency Fuel Depot

  • Total: 30.0 million gallons
  • Gasoline: 14.0 million gallons
  • Avgas: 10.0 million gallons
  • Heating Oil: 4.0 million gallons
  • Crude Oil: 2.0 million gallons


The Swiss military is the defending power of the Swiss people and government. There is mandatory conscription at age 18 unless they continue their education by attending college.


The Army is the largest branch, serving as the main ground forces of the Swiss Military.

  • Active - 100,000
  • Reserve - 150,000

Standard Issue Weapons

Type Count Image
Service Rifle SIG SG 510 180,000
SIG SG 210
Sniper Rifle Karbiner Model 1940 10,000
Mondragón rifle
Main Service Sidearm SIG P210  250,000
300px-M1911 A1 pistol
Submachine Gun SIG MP 55 45,000

Crew Served Weapons Type Count Image
Heavy Machine Gun MG 51 5,000
800px-7 5mm MG 51
Light Machine Gun Furrer M25 600
800px-Furrer M25 Right

Artillery Type Count Image Notes
Field Gun/Howitzer Ordnance QF 25-pounder 150
Field Gun BL 5.5 inch Medium Gun 150
Ordnance bl55 140mm gun hameenlinna 1

Armored Vehicles

Type Count Image Notes
Tank Panzer 54 140
800px-Pz 61 Seite - Schweizer Armee - Steel Parade 2006
Armed with a 105mm Oerlikon 105mm cannon, and two MG 51 machine guns
Motorized Artillery Panzer MA-56 125
800px-Bandkanon 1
Panzer 54 chassis armed with a 175 mm cannon, and two MG 51 machine guns
Missile Artillery SIG CBF-01 50
800px-Avibras ASTROS-II SS-30
Saurer flatbed truck body with a SIG 10, 100lbs missile launcher mounted on it.
Infantry Fighting Vehicles Panzerinfanterie 35
Fall Grun Panzers
Panzer IIs Chassis with room to carry ten soldiers, and armed with a 20 mm Oerlikon cannon
Armored Car Sd.Kfz B. Erie 50
M8 armored car with Constabulary markings
Lightly armored, armed with a MG 51 machine gun
Unarmored Vehicle Type Count Image
Radio Truck Saurer M6 Radio 25
800px-Saurer Funkwagen
Mobile Command Center Saurer 2CM 30
Cargo Truck Saurer 2CM 200
Troop Transport Saurer MH4 100
Helicopters Type Count Image Notes
Multipurpose Helicopter A2 Bobcat 75
751px-Mi-8 Hip Roving Sands 99
Multipurpose helicopter, main use: cargo, and medivac. Armed with 2 MG 51 machine guns

Military Units

  • Geneva Brigade: 5000 Infantry
    • 1st Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 5th Battalion: 1000 Infantry
    • 8th Battalion: 1000 Infantry
    • 1st Sniper Battalion: 1000 Snipers
  • Bern Division: 20,000 Infantry
    • 2nd Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 3rd Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 4th Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 7th Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 15th Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 2nd Battalion: 1000 Infantry
    • 1st Mechanized Battalion: 1000 (35 Panzerinfanterie)
    • Governmental Protection Battalion: 1000 Infantry
    • 1st Transport Regiment: 2000 (100 Saurer M6)
  • Alpine Corps: 29,000
    • 1st Mountain Brigade: 3000
    • 2nd Mountain Brigade: 3000
    • 3rd Mountain Brigade: 3000
    • 9th Mountain Regiment: 2000
    • 9th Mountain Battalion: 1000
    • 2nd Mountain Armored Battalion: 1000 (35 Panzer 54)
    • 4th Mountain Armored Battalion: 1000 (35 Panzer 54)
    • 2nd Sniper Brigade: 3000 snipers
    • 5th Sniper Brigade: 3000 snipers
    • 1st Artillery Division: 5000 (100 BL 5.5 inch Medium Gun, 100 Ordnance QF 25-pounder)
    • 9th Scout Cavalry Battalion: 1000 (50 Sd.Kfz B. Erie)
    • 1st Radio Battalion: 1000 (25 Saurer M6 Radio)
    • 2nd Transport Regiment: 2000 (100 Saurer M6)
  • Rhine Division: 13,000
    • 1st Mountain Armored Battalion: 1000 (35 Panzer 54)
    • 3rd Mountain Armored Battalion: 1000 (35 Panzer 54)
    • 2nd Artillery Regiment: 2000 (50 Ordnance QF 25-pounder)
    • 6th Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 1st Battalion: 1000 Infantry
    • 10th Battalion: 1000 Infantry
    • 3rd Sniper Brigade: 3,000 Snipers
    • 6th Sniper Regiment: 2000 Snipers
  • Liechtenstein Battalion: 3000
    • 8th Regiment: 2000 Infantry
    • 4th Sniper Battalion: 1000 Snipers

National Defense Militia

The National Defense Militia is the military force that is responsible for homeland security in times of war. The Federal Assembly may mobilize them with a 75% yes votes. Many of their arms come from decommissioned Army hardware.

  • Militia - 1,693,000
Standard Issue Weapons Type Count Image
Service Rifle SIG SG 510 693,000
SIG SG 210
Service Rifle Karabiner Model 1940 1,000,000
Mondragón rifle
Service Sidearm SIG P210 1,693,000
300px-M1911 A1 pistol
Heavy Machine Gun MG 11 1,000
800px-MG Modell 1911 Schweiz
Artillery Type Count Image
Infantry/Anti-tank Gun Cannone da 47/32 M35 215
800px-47mm 47-32 anti tank gun cfb borden 1

Armored Vehicles

Type Count Image Notes
Tank Panzer IIIs 70
Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-318-0083-30, Polen, Panzer III mit Panzersoldaten
Armed with one Oerlikon 75 mm cannon, two MG-30 machine guns, and a coaxial Furrer M25 machine gun
Tank Panzer IVs 70
277723756 b13a0dbf69
 Armed with one Oerlikon 80 mm cannon, two MG-11 machine guns, and two coaxial Furrer M25 machine guns
Unarmored Vehicles Type Count Image
Transport Truck Saurer M6 60
800px-Saurer Funkwagen
Radio Truck Saurer M6 Radio 10
800px-Saurer Funkwagen

Air Force

The Swiss Air Force relies on volunteers and has few conscripts. They operate 180 fighter jets, 72 reconnaissance aircraft, 12 photo reconnaissance, 12 AWACS, one liaison airplane, 84 trainers, 50 ground attack, and 40 cargo planes.

  • Volunteers - 9000
  • Conscripts - 280
Fighter Jets Type Count Image Squadrons Notes
Air Superiority Jet EFW N-20 120
800px-N-20.10 Aiguillon frontal view
Armed with four Oerlikon FF 20mm autocannons, four underwing hardpoints, and one belly wet point
Ground Attack/Interceptor FFA P-16 60
FFA p16
Armed with two Oerlikon FH 30mm autocannons, four underwing hardpoints, and one A-A4UR unguided air to air rocket launcher (contains eight rockets)

Reconnaissance Aircraft

Type Count Image Notes
Scout Jet EFW N-20R 72
800px-N-20.10 Aiguillon frontal view
Armed with one Oerlikon FF 20 mm autocannon,two external fuel tanks, an external radar, and two A-A 4UR Phosphorus rocket pods
Photoreconnaisance Aircraft Comte AC-11V 12
800px-Flugzeug HB-IKO

Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft

Type Count Image
EC-121 Warning Star 12
Liasion Aircraft Type Count Image
Liasion Aircraft Comte AC-4 1
800px-Flugzeug HB-IKO


Type Count Images Notes
Basic Trainer Pilatus P-2 36
800px-Pilatus P2 Sywell1 crop
Lead-in Trainer EFW N-20T 48
800px-N-20.10 Aiguillon frontal view
Armed with one Orlikon FF 20 mm autocannon, and two underwing hardpoints
Ground Attack Type Count Image Notes
Light Ground Attack Pilatus P-2c 60
800px-Pilatus P2 Sywell1 crop
Armed with two MG-11 heavy machine guns, and two underwing SNEB mixed rocket pod
Transport Aircraft Type Count Image
Medium Cargo Douglas DC-2 16
800px-Douglas DC-2 Uiver
Heavy Cargo Douglas DC-3 24

Target Tug Type Count Image Notes
Jet Target Tug Me 262 24
800px-Messerschmitt Me 262A at the National Museum of the USAF
Helicopters Type Count Image Notes
Multipurpose Helicopter A2 Bobcat 50
751px-Mi-8 Hip Roving Sands 99
Multipurpose helicopter, main use: cargo and medivac. Armed with 2 MG 51 machine guns
Radar Type Count
Early Warning and Guidance SRF Airspace Monitor and Management Systems 12

Anti-Aircraft Defense Command

The Swiss Anti-Aircraft Defense Command is made up of civilians mainly who are activated in times of war, or national emergency to supplement the Air Force and defend the Swiss airspace from foreign incursion. They operate 680 anti-aircraft artillery pieces, and 48 jet fighters.

  • Volunteers - 35,000
  • Conscripts - 1,000
Type Name Count Image
Anti-Aircraft Guns Oerlikon 20 mm Cannon 500
Anti-Aircraft Guns Bofers 40 mm Gun 50
Anti-Aircraft Guns 2 cm Flak 38 Flakvierling 80
Anti-Aircraft Guns Mobile 50mm Gun Platform 50
Type Name Count Image
Scout/Light Interceptor Pilatus P-2c 24
800px-Pilatus P2 Sywell1 crop
Interceptor EFW N-20s 36
800px-N-20.10 Aiguillon frontal view
Type Name Count Image
Unarmored Vehicles Saurer M6 25
800px-Saurer Funkwagen
Unarmored Vehicles Saurer M6 Radio 16
800px-Saurer Funkwagen

Naval Defense Flotilla

  • Active - 1,000
  • Reserve - 2,500
Patrol Boats Count Image Notes
Geneva II-class 50 Armed with 1 Oerlikon 35 mm Cannon, 2 Oerlikon 20 mm Cannons, 1 Oerlikon 20 mm FF Cannon, and 2 MG 51 Heavy Machine Guns
Lugano-class 10 Armed with 1 Oerlikon 35 mm Cannon and two FF Oerlikon 20 mm Cannons
Snipe-class 10 Armed with 2 Oerlikon 35 mm Cannons, and 3 MG-51 heavy machine guns
Destroyers Count Image Notes
T 47-class Destroyer 6 Armed with
Cruisers Count Image Notes
De Grasse-class Cruiser 1 Anti-aircraft Cruiser

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