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Swiss Confederation
Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft
Confédération Suisse
Confederazione Svizzera
Confederaziun Svizra
Timeline: 6-2-5 Upheaval

OTL equivalent: Switzerland
Flag of Switzerland Coat of Arms of Switzerland
Flag Coat of Arms

("Unus pro Omnibus, Omnes pro Uno")
("All for One, One for All")

Anthem "Swiss Psalm"
Capital Bern
Largest city Zürich
Other cities Geneva, Basel
Language German
Roman Catholic
  others Calvinist
Ethnic Groups
  others French, Italian
Demonym Swiss
Government Federal Directorial Republic
  legislature Federal Assembly
Federal Council TBD
Established September 12, 1848
Currency Swiss franc
Organizations UN
The Swiss Confederation, often called Switzerland, is a Western European nation located in the Alps mountain range. Known worldwide for its neutrality, Switzerland is a peaceful democratic nation with an extremely ancient history, and is home to German, French, Italian, and Swiss peoples.

Landlocked and in extremely Alpine conditions, Switzerland is known for its rough and rugged mountains such as the Matterhorn. Switzerland's western border is with France, Germany occupies the northern border while Austria and Liechtenstein are neighbors the east. Italy, located to the south, is the fifth neighbor of Switzerland.


Government and Politics




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