Swiss Confederation
EidgenossenschaftSwiss Confederacy
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Cantons of Berne, Uri, Lucerne, Unter-Walden, Schwyz, Zug, Glarus, Zurich
Flag of Switzerland.svg Coat of Arms of Switzerland.svg
Flag of Switzerland Coat of arms
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(and largest city)
Official languages French, Swiss German, Swiss Italian
Ethnic groups  Swiss, Italian
Demonym Swiss

The Swiss Confederacy is a loose confederation between eight cantons, and several surrounding alliances with other cantons.



The Swiss Confederacy is a loose confederation of cantons mainly bound together by military, political, and economic alliances. There is a group of delegates who meet numerous times in the year to discuss issues, alliances, wars, and politics, rotating which canton is host per year. The respective host canton heads the meetings. Each canton receives two delegates to the meeting, and associate cantons, while receiving two delegates, have no say in the passing of treaties and laws. This political body also forms internal laws and regulations, occasionally enforcing them with sanctions and economic in posited to ensure compliance.


Being a landlocked nation, the Swiss Confederation only maintains a small army and a large pool of volunteer peasant militia members.


The army is the main fighting force of the Swiss Confederation. They have an effective, professional military utilizing swords, spears, and other assorted weapons. They also operate thirty six artillery pieces.

  • Army Regulars- 19,000
  • Militia Members- 300,000
  • Individual Weapons
    • Pike (500)
    • Crossbow (57,000)
    • Longbow (400)
    • Halberd (3000)
    • Hand and a half Sword (7000)
    • Short Sword (250,000)
    • Longsword (1000)
    • Swiss dagger (319,000)
    • Walloon Sword (1000)
    • Hand cannon (1000)
    • Repeating Crossbow (200)
  • Crewed Weapons
    • Cannons- 62
    • Mortars- 26
    • Polybolos- 30


The Swiss Confederacy is now in union with Andorra under the ruling dynasty of Rothschild.