Kingdom of Swedoma
Konungariket Svedoma
Timeline: Never-ending colonization

OTL equivalent: Sweden and Finland
Suflag Greater coat of arms of Sweden
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Kingdom of Swedoma

För Sverige – i tiden (Swedish)
("For Sweden-with the times")

Anthem "Du gamla, Du fria and Maamme"
(and largest city)
  others Finnish
The kingdom of Swedoma is a country located on the Scandinavian peninsula. It was created after a fusion of Sweden and Finland. Their standard of living is the highest of the whole world.


Sweden and Finland were great partners in trade and the sizable minority of Swedish living in Finland made them have a unique relation. Greater Russia (keep in mind this Russia was never communist) wanted to extend its borders and invaded Finland for the 2nd time. Sweden helped the fins keep the Russian troops away. A treaty was signed after two years of fighting (Euro-Russian war). Finland lost some land to Russia and because of the war, needed help to rebuild itself. The Swedish government gave an option to unite. The Fins needed it and excepted.

  • 2015- meetings about finland going independent again. The results are unsure


Swedish side: Pre-historic Sweden was the source of Viking culture, which was dominant in all of Scandinavia for many hundreds of years.  the Swedish Vikings left huge marks on Byzanthian culture (where they were known as Varangians) as well as being the founders of Russia. Swedes have a tradition of informal coffee-break get togethers known as Fika. Swedish food was always practical and still is.

Finnish side: Finnish holidays are similar to the Western Christian calendar and Protestant traditions. Holidays and traditions are a blend of the thousand-year old Christian presence and vestiges of old Finnish pagan traditions. The Finnish Christmas, Joulu, follows traditions of Christmas trees and the Advent calendars. Holidays start on December 23. Gift giving occurs on Christmas Eve with a visit from Joulupukki (Father Christmas, Santa Claus). Traditional meals are typically only eaten on Christmas followed by sauna. Traditional Finnish cuisine is a combination of European, Fennoscandian and Western Russian elements; table manners are European.

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