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Timeline: Videri Quam Esse
Flag of Swedenstan converted.png
Official languages Swedish, Arabic
Regional Languages Yourba, Berber
Demonym Swedenstani
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Fascist Dictatorship
 -  Colony Formed 1796 
 -  Independence Proclaimed 1870 
 -  Fascist Revolution 1933 
 -   estimate TBD 
Currency Swedenstan Børk

Swedenstan, a former colony of Scandinavia, is a Muslim nation in Western Africa. After violently breaking away from the former nation of Sweden in the New Sweden War, it changed its name to better represent the integration of Islamic culture in the region. It has a strict Fascist government which puts extreme restrictions on both Swedish immigrants and Muslim ones.

First Discovery

Growth of New Sweden

New Sweden War

Birth of Swedenstan

Modern Day

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