Den Svenska Republiken / The Swedish Republic
Timeline: Day of Glory
Flag of Sweden No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Stockholm,
Largest city Göthenborg
Other cities Jonköpping, Lund, Uppsala
  others Finnish, Saami
Religion Lutheranism
Government Republic
Störmarschal Karl Gustav Bernadotte
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt
Population 9,331,888 (2007 estimate) 
Established 1818
Currency runsten

Sweden is a republic on the Baltic, and has been so since the Succession Crisis of 1809. Sweden has remained largely neutral in international affairs, but has been closely allied with France.


After the coup against Gustav IV Adolf, Charles, Duke of Södermanland, first as a Regent, then as King, but he was forced by his health to abdicate as soon as a replacement was found. Anti-royal sentiment was running high in Sweden at that time, and in an effort to please the French, and to remove the royals from the picture, the Caps and Hats pushed for a new constitution and appointed Grand Maréchal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte as the first elected Stormarschal of Sweden.

The Swedes, surprisingly, did not balk at the appointment of a French national as the Störmarschal. This is largely due to the fact that Bernadotte had fought in the armies of Sweden as a mercenary, and was instrumental in key battles against the Russian invasion of Finland.


A descendant of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte is the most recently elected Stormarschal.

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