Republic Of Sweden
Republiken Svereige
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire

OTL equivalent: Sweden
Flag of Sweden Greater coat of arms of Sweden
Flag of Swedish Republic Coat Of Arms Of Swedish Republic
Svereige us v5.4
Map of Sweden With European Union

Svereigen För alltid, Ekonomisk Republiken (Swedish)
("Swedish Forever, Economical Republic")

Anthem "Svereigen Republiken Hymn"
(and largest city)
Other cities Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala, Västerås
  others Finnish
Religion Lutheranism, Christiannity
Ethnic Group Swedish, Finnish
Demonym Swedish
Government Representative Democracy
  legislature Statliga representanter
President Karl Vornomstad
Area 449,964 km² km²
Population 9.517 million 
Established 1855
Currency Krone
Time Zone UTC+01:00
Calling Code +46
Internet TLD .se, .eu, .SovietPact
Organizations UN, NATO, US Military Command, EU, SovietPact,
Sweden, officially known as the Republic Of Sweden And Its Allies Sweden Is Only Allied Nation With United States And Sweden Is Supperpower And Nordic Nation And Also 7th Lunar Landing Nation On Moon And Major Arsenal And Power Also Founder Of European Union Major Powers Extent.


After the United States Invasion against Gustav IV Adolf, Charles, Duke of Södermanland, first as a Regent, then as King, but he was forced by his health to abdicate as soon as a replacement was found. Anti-royal sentiment was running high in Sweden at that time, and in an effort to please the French, and to remove the royals from the picture, the Caps and Hats pushed for a new constitution and appointed Grand Maréchal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte as the first elected Stormarschal of Sweden.

The Swedes, surprisingly, Allied With United States And Nuclear Weapon Test And Also Be Supperpower Nation.


A descendant of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte is the most recently elected Stormarschal.

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