Christian cross

The Christian cross, symbol of the Swedish Christian Party

The Swedish Christian Party (Swedish: Svenska kristna partiet, Finnish: Ruotsalainen kristillinen puolue, Danish and Norwegian: Svenske kristne partiet) is a political party in Sweden. It is one of the three legal parties in Sweden, the other two being the National Conservative Party of Sweden and the United Liberal Party. The Swedish Christian Party is the smallest of the three legal parties.

The party was founded in 1958, by the Finnish politician Olavi Päivänsalo. The party describes itself as a value-conservative party whose policies are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Church and the Bible. Until recently, only members of protestant denominations were allowed to join the party, but 2005, the party was opened for Roman Catholics and Greek/Eastern Orthodox too. However, you have to declare your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to be allowed to join the party.

Chairmen of the party have been:

1958-1964 Olavi Päivänsalo

1964-1967 Ahti Tele

1967-1972 Birger Ekstedt

1973-2004 Alf Svensson von Tidan

2004- Päivi Pasanen

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