Sverige Flagga

Sweden Victorious 1705-2005

Greater coat of arms of Sweden
Karl XII
What if the great nordic war never happened and it was Sweden who attacked Denmark and Poland? What if the war with Russia did not happen until the two others were eliminated? Two words, Sweden Victorious!

The Attack on Norway

In the spring of 1705 when our glorious monarch Karl XII marched into Norway and those creating the war of Baltic Superiority. The war had been declared on Denmark and with Denmark joined Poland-Lithuania. Norway was easily subjugated because he promised the norwegians tax relief if they joined the Swedish cause.

The invasion of Denmark

Then he put his eyes on Denmark, the most fertile region in the cold Scandinavia. One army made out of 10,000 men landed in the north of Jylland, 5000 came from Swedish Pommerania into the south of Denmark and Karl's army of 20,000 sailed over Öresund and took the capital of Köpenhamn. At 1708 both Denmark and Iceland were fully subjugated to Swedish rule. Karl XII legitimated his rule over Denmark by marrying the princess Anna of Denmark. In May 1709 she gave birth to a son who she named Erik, later Erik XV.

The starvation years 1709-1711

In 1709 the crops failed and the starvation years began. A plague also hit in 1710 and during these years it's said that 10% of the whole empires population died.

Conquest of Poland

1715 the Swedish army came from Estonia and Ingria and conquered city after city. His grace only did lose 1 battle in the entire conquest and that was the battle of Lublin were 5000 Swedes were killed or captured, the greatest victory was in Lithuania were Vilnius fell after only one day of siege and zero Swedes died. In 1720 only Warsaw remained of the once great kingdom of Poland. It fell on the 25th of december 1720 after 11 months of siege. Now Sweden was the greatest empire in Europe except the Ottoman and Russian empires.

The colonization game

From the port of Stavanger in Norway the 22nd of May 1725 a convoy of 5 ships with 30 soldiers and 75 civilians set sail for the new world. The ship got to land on a island in the Caribbean which they named Karlsland (Karl's Land). They expanded to 5 other islands and by 1750 the Swedish colonies had a population of 5000 citizens and 2500 slaves.

The Death of a glorious king and the rise of a cultured one

On the 3rd of september 1740 king Karl XII von Pfalz died in the castle Tre Kronor in Stockholm 58 years old from a cup of poisoned wine. He had achieved what none had ever achieved, united Scandinavia and Poland. He had three sons, Erik XV, Gustav duke of Norway, Karl duke of Ingermanland and 4 daughters, Kristina, Eleonora, Ulrika and Vilhelmina, queen of Preussen. Erik XV was more interested in reading and theatre then war and conquest. He modernised Sweden allowing Catholics, Orthodoxes and Jews to live in Sweden. He brought the vaccine to Sweden and took power from the nobility and gave it to the people. Therefore the people loved him. No rebellions or strikes. Everything was at peace in the great empire of nine million people but the British did not like that Sweden had full control of the Baltic trade. And nothing makes a good soldier like duty.

The War on Trade

In 1754 when king Erik XV were 45 years old, Great Britain declared war on Sweden because they wanted to abolish the Öresunds toll. Sweden organized the fleet and army and called into their allies Preussen into the war. Fortunately France were at war with Britain at the time and that was a clear benefit. The first battle was a loss for the Swedish empire but when the Swedish, Prussian and French fleets united at the battle of the Dover straits and wrecked the British navy. Soon a Swedish army landed in the small town Lepe south of Southampton. This made so that London was in danger. King George II reacted and all British soldiers in Europe assembled at Reading, west of London. Southampton was conquered and the armies met at Winchester. The Swedish forces was led by his majesty Erik XV and the British by the Duke of Norwich. "Kingsmen, godsmen! We come from the Lappmarker and from Gdansk, from Finland and Denmark but now we all stand united under one crown and one god! Charge for your king and charge for your god! We may die but we die for a cause, a cause to keep the trade ours, and not theirs! Now we fight" that was Eriks speech and he himself led the cavalry. The Swedes were 15,000 and the British were 30,000. The Swedes fought where they stood and let the British die by their guns and swords. The Swedes whre victorious! With only 1000 dead with the British number of 11,000 dead or captured.

Swedish ships ravaged both the thirteen colonies in America and the British mainland. The entire south coast was under Swedish or French control. London was besieged and conquered 1761. Sweden won the war and got 1000 gold coins in war reparations from Great Britain. Sweden was now the dominant power in Northern Europe.

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