PoD: Simple by the title, Sweden joins WWI


Archduke Ferdinand assassinated. Sweden alliances itself with Germany. Austria invades Serbia, the war begins. Sweden invades Russian Finland. Sweden in a bid for lost land invades Norway and Denmark. German troops push through Belgium. By late August Oslo has fallen under siege. Russian troops stop Swedish forces outside Rovaniemi. However the Austrians advance into the Ukraine which causes the Russians to send troops southward. By Winter Oslo falls with the defenders freezing to death. Swedish ships meet the British main fleet off of Narvik. Though it's a defeat for Sweden Britain realizes it's coast is vulnerable. Especially when a HMS Lion is sunk off of Scapa Flow by a Swedish U-boat. President Wilson fears after defeating Britain the Swedish and Germans would invade American and Canada. So the USA begins running guns to the allied powers. On Christmas Norway surrenders after it is occupied and a Swedish army is sent to the Kola Peninsula. 


Sweden lands troops outside Helsinki. The Russians are caught off guard. The Lusitania is sunk. America is outraged. Without support from the congress the USA doesn't declare war on the central powers. The Germans decide to knock out France and launch a huge offensive in Belgium. In a surprise move Sweden lands 10,000 men in Iceland and quickly take over the country. Germany takes Poland and Lithuania. Britain sends its navy out but it's destroyed by joint Swedish-German task force outside Reykjavik. Britain fights a lone war.


The Russians make peace with Sweden and Germany. Finland and Kola are ceded to Sweden while Germany annexed Poland. The British invent the tank and use it to help fend off the Austrians. This causes Austria to make peace with Serbia. Britain and the Central Powers fight a naval war until the British land 100,000 men in Flanders. The Germans quickly move to intercept but the British fortify a 50 mile defensive ring around Antwerp.


Tanks are deployed but at the cost of little ground. The Germans send their own tanks and win. Britain votes for peace.

Treaty of Lisbon

Sweden to annex Norway, Denmark, Finland, Kola, Iceland, and Greenland
Germany to revive German speaking parts of Belgium
Serbia to pay massive amounts of debt to Austria
Britain to reduce its fleet by 1/4
France to cut its army down to 100,000 men
Ireland to gain all of Ireland


The Central Powers celebrate victory. France is set into Anarchy as nationalist and communist groups bid for control of France. Britain sends troops to help the French government. The "Blue Army" as its called quickly cracks down on the "Black Army" Nationalists and destroys them. Red Army thugs storm the Versailles Palace and raise the Red flag over Paris. The Second Paris Commune is formed. The British and French rain heavy artillery on Paris collapsing the Eiffel Tower. As Paris resists, other communist cells in other French city's rise up. Italy and Portugal send troops. The French Civil War begins. Throughout Fall the communists manage to take over some of the countryside while Marseille falls to the Italian army. 


Lenin goes to France to help with the revolution along with several thousands avid communists. The Red Army from Brest invades the rest of Brittany. Belgian Blue Army units from Normandy attack into Brittany. They are defeated. The Red Army throughout Spring, Summer and Fall manage to surround the Blue Army besieging Paris. Red Army units under Joseph Acier (Joseph Stalin) take Reims. 1920: The Blue Army starts to collapse as Portugal pulls out of the war. Acier and Lenin see that the Red Army is not holding up and there are large amounts of deserters. Acier sends Charles De Gaulle to get the forces in shape. De Gaulle purges the Red Army. Despite having naval superiority and control of the English Channel, the British don't know that all of Northern France is under Red control.


The Reds push south and secure a border with Spain. However the Spanish join the war to capture claimed territory. After 3 weeks of drawn out fighting the Reds make peace with Spain. The French Government surrounds itself in Marseille and thousands of Blue army soldiers dig in while the front is still far away. The Reds move to the Border with Italy. Fighting breaks out as Red artillery units bombards several Italian border villages. Italian ships bombard the coast driving the Reds back. The Reds lay siege to Marseille. The French government surrenders. The Union of Socialist French Republics is founded with Lenin as its leader.


The Spanish and French increase relations as communism is helping improve the relations between the two nations. 


Lenin dies, Acier takes control after Joffre declared himself the new leader. Charles De Gaulle is made Secretary of State.


In the still wake of the defeat in the French Civil War, Oswald Mosley begins massive speeches to the British people's. His People's Force of PF is a effective force of 1,000 thugs. 


Mosley attempts a coup which overwhelms the government. Oswald Mosley declares himself Prime Minister of Britain. The King and Queen flee to Australia.


The US with now WWI has no stock market crash. 


Benito Mussolini rises to power in Italy after 2 failed wars. In the Kent Pact the British and Italians ally to form the Pact of Iron. 


Huey Long is elected President in the USA. The US establishes connections with Germany due to the rising threat of Britain and Italy. American troops are stationed in Washington, Michigan, New York, Maine, and Alaska. 


Japan invades China for resources which will result in a bloody drawn out war. The USA adopt the German Stahlhelm as the US army's first steel helmet. It is more rounded with similarity's to the British Pot helmet. 1935: Britain annexes the Shetland Islands after a fascist takeover.


The Protestant majority of Northern Ireland votes to return to the Britain in the Liverpool Agreement.


Mosley demands more territory from Ireland. The Central Powers refuse to comply with his demands. A meeting takes between Mosley and Acier meet in Rome. A deal for French neutrality is promised with Southern Ireland since both country's believe the Irish caused the allies to lose WWI. On August 1st the British navy fires on Limerick and several Irish air bases are attacked. On August 3rd French ships land forces in Southern Ireland. Within the week Ireland surrenders. In September the British begin to build defenses on Britain's southern and western shores. The British and Canadians build up they're forces and launch a attack on Iceland and Greenland in November. Huey Long is reelected. French forces decide to invade Spain to retake lost land lost during the French Civil War.


The Italian army invades Austria with strategic bombings of several Austrian city's. Italian and British forces link up to attack the Congo and Kamerun. Peace settles between France and Spain. South African troops invade Namibia. German soldiers are caught off guard and surrender. Britain prepares for a invasion of Sweden. Japan invades Mongolia despite Russian troops stationed in the country. British troops land in Narvik and Hammerfest. The Swedish are caught off guard. By May British troops have conquered Norway. On June 4th British troops enter Stockholm. The Swedish surrender. Mosley mockingly let's them keep they're independence with a new capital of Scandinavia City (former Helsinki). The British send troops to help the Italians as German forces attack in the Alps. The Germans raid Oslo. Britain responds by bombing Berlin. "The Blitz" as its called by the Germans sees massive British bombings of German city's. The largest raid on Berlin has over 300 Wellington bombers release their bombs on the city. Berlin is ablaze. After several months the raids stop. As winter begins the Czechoslovakian people rise up and declare a independent and neutral Czechoslovakia. Italy invades the rest of Austria-Hungary. Romania annexes Transylvania. German troops land in southern Sweden to retake Stockholm. They utterly fail. 12,000 men are captured and 100,000 are dead.


Hungary declares independence. Italy annexes the Yugoslav region. Mussolini declares a "New Roman Empire". Mosley congratulates him. Italy then sets its sights on the Ottoman Empire. On Valentine's Day Italian bombers hit Istanbul. The Grand Mosque is destroyed. Bulgaria attacks into Italian Yugoslavia. Japan takes German Papua. British soldiers launch a amphibious offensive against the Ottomans. Mecca is taken. Hundreds of Arabian freedom fighters rallied to take back Mecca. However tanks and machine guns proved better than rifles and camels. A British Invasion of Greece takes place. Bulgarian-Ottoman and Italian tanks meet near Sofia. It is a draw. Only when British Skuas come in does the battle turn in Italy's favor. After a year of preparation Anglo-Canadian-Newfoundlander bombers destroy the US Atlantic fleet stationed in Boston on May 7th. In President Long's Address to War, he says May 7th will be a day that lives in Infamy. The US takes action with a invasion of the Bahamas and Jamaica. Italian troops are bogged down in Sofia. Canadian troops move into New York and take Albany. American troops secure Vancouver. US planes bomb Winnipeg in preparation for a major assault. Italy withdraws from Sofia. Italian bombers pound Istanbul and Ankara. Ottoman forces retake Mecca. Persia joins the war on the Central powers side and sends troops into Europe and Palestine. British artillery hits Jerusalem. The Jews rebel and create the Republic of Palestine with the Star of David as its symbol. Due to large numbers of Jews in Germany, the Germans recognize the country due to vote. The North American front falls into stalemate as the US slogs its way to Winnipeg and Toronto.


Russia invades Kola in Free Sweden. The Russians only move into the Kola region and not Finland. America lands forces on Prince Edward Island. On June 22 Britain lands troops in Normandy in a surprise attack on France. France is caught off guard as its Mosley's mission to destroy communism. Fighting also sparks in Ireland were British and French soldiers kill each other in former Irish towns. The British steamroll through northern France and reach Paris by winter. Yet the winter proves to be very cold and the Battle of Paris is a French victory.


British troops advance more south. General Montgomery suggests heading toward Acierville (Lyons) could knock the French out. With this General Auckinleck is assigned to take Acierville. In the summer British troops move through the countryside attempting to take the city. General De Gaulle is put in command after General Louie shoots himself after disobeying orders. The British are stopped in Acierville. "Rat Warfare" as it is called by the British is a guerrilla esc war style used by both sides in the battle. As winter comes De Gaulle's troops encircle the British into a pocket.


The Americans take Canada and Newfoundland. German forces retake Kenya as US troops move into Rhodesia. The Acierville pocket is crushed. Auckinleck is flown out. The losers are marched through Paris to show that the British aren't self proclaimed supermen. A large bulge is left in the Western Front. American takes Greenland and Iceland. The Angers bulge is heavily fortified by the French. In July the British attack. But after 200,000 dead in 2 weeks the British pull out. The Germans invade Italy and rebuild Austria-Hungary.


The Americans invade Ireland retaking it. The French start bombing British city's. On June 6th, Germano-American forces land troops in Occupied Sweden. D-Day as its called by the Americans. The Russians invade Belarus. The French invade Wales. The British manage to contain the French. Germano-Swedish forces invade Scotland. US troops land paratroopers on Kent. The US ships land forces at Dover.


The Americans reach London. Mosley flees towards the Shetland Islands but is shot down by Swedish planes. German soldiers near Edinburgh find Mosley hiding in a cellar of a pub with several Blackshirt guards. All men die including Mosley die in a firefight. New British minister Winston Churchill asks for peace. The Second Great War ends with a Allied defeat again. All nations sign the Treaty of London.

Treaty of London

Britain to be divided up into 3 zones. Scotland is to be annexed by Sweden. Wales is to become a Socialist nation modeled after France. And England shall be a capitalist/ constitutional monarchy ruled by a President and Monarch.

Ireland is to be a democratic country tied to the USA.

The Dominions of Canada and Newfoundland are annexed by the USA.

Russia to annex Kola and Belarus.

Italy shall be set of as a democratic monarchy.

Britain and Italy to hand over all war criminals.


The United States leads the Liverpool Trials as Fascist war criminals are charged. Notable members include Winston Churchill, General Auckinleck, and several other prominent commanders and officers. Japan halts all conquest into China.


The USA begins deporting Canadian and Newfoundlander sympathizers to interment camps on the Island of Hawaii on July 1st codenamed Operation Justice. The US doesn't release the Philippines due to Japanese naval expansion in the region.


Before the Winston Churchill is hanged the US detonate the first atom bomb in Labrador. As his last words, he calls out to the European people's that America should be stopped at all costs. "My only concerning last words, to the European people's, America must be stopped at all costs". He is hanged for leading the Allies into the war. 


The democratic nations of the western hemisphere converge at Boston. With the US leading, the Democratic Alliance of Oceanic Nations is founded or DAON. Signers include the USA, Mexico, all Central American and Caribbean country's, Ireland, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, and Liberia. Thomas Dewey elected US president.


With a majority of Russian forces out west fighting against Islamic and Cossack rebels, Japan invades Siberia. However Japan had underestimated the amount of Siberian troops there were so the war would be in a Great War esc state until 1951. 


Quebec is the first Canadian province accepted into the USA. The US quietly begins suppling Russia with arms to fight Japan. Due to this Japanese troops are contained to the Maritime Province and the Kamchatka Peninsula. 


The Russo-Japanese war ends. The "Southern Boogie" (OTL rockabilly) style of music starts becoming popular across the USA.


Dewey is reelected over Harry Truman.


Japan tests its first nuclear device in the Gobi. Japan is only concerned with with holding its massive frontiers and defeating Russian partisans. Acier dies France collapses into chaos. The English invade Wales. German and Italian units move into France and set up a monarchy.


Germany forms the European Commonwealth. Members include Germany, Italy, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria-Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania. 


Dwight Eisenhower elected president of the USA. Buddy Holly revolutionizes boogie. 


The USA release the first nuclear sub, the USS Neptune.


Boogie star Warren Smith dies in a plane crash.


Dwight Eisenhower reelected. Japan continues conquest in China. Germany launches Wilhelm 1 the worlds first satellite. The Space Race begins. 


The Summer Olympic Games are held in Hawaii. It is a very politely charged series of games with rising tensions between the USA and Japan.


A US ship off the coast Juneau by a torpedo. Japan then launches major missile strikes on Melbourne, Darwin and Honolulu. The DAON declares war on Japan. Throughout summer the Japanese are very successful. Japan takes the Aleutian Islands, Micro and Polynesia. Yet when Japan attacks Pear Harbor does the war change. American jets heavily outclass Japanese jets which date back to the late 40s and 50s. Japan in response launches a nuclear strike on Canberra. Japan tries a strategy of bombing country's to submission. The United States nukes Sapporo. Japan lands troops near Perth. Australian units meet the Japanese 50 miles inland. Russia launch several bombing raids in Manchukuo. Russia begins building up for war. 


The Japanese invasion of Australia is short lived as tanks quickly push them out. The USA attacks the Japanese fleet off of Alaska and wins. US troops then land on the Aleutian Islands retaking them. Australian soldiers invade Indonesia as Chinese troops retake Xian. US troops take Guadalcanal. Russian troops cross into Mongolia. Japan nukes Anchorage. In retaliation aging President Eisenhower orders the destruction of Kyoto. A friendship pact is set up between the USA and Russian Republic.


The Boogie Woogie Festival is hosted in Phoenix Arizona. Russian troops enter Ulan Bator: Japan nukes the city. The fallout travels and irradiates the Amur River causing the fishing industry to stop. Thousands starve and rise up against Japan. Russian troops enter Japanese Kamchatka. US soldiers land in the Marianas. US subs destroy the Japanese fleet stationed in Pusan. The Manchurians and Koreans start to rise up. Aging prime minister Tojo orders every nuclear device that Japan has to be launched on Russia, China, Australia, and America. The Japanese nuclear crews refuse the order seeing 2 Japanese city's have been incinerated. The US obliterates a supply base in Sakhalin with a MacArthur 2 nuclear device. Several bands including Jeremiah Hendrix and the Savages perform at a large musical concert in Spokane, Washington.


Japan's military situation worsens as the Russians push into China and liberate Mongolia. Australian, Indonesian, and American forces invade Indochina and quickly liberate Saigon. India declares war on Japan and invades Bruma. Burmese rebels attack Japanese units in the jungle. Loyal Japanese Thai soldiers are sent in to fight the Indians and DAON. The USA sends in special mountain troops along with forces from Ireland and Free English volunteers paradrop into several Kuril Islands and northern Hokkaido. Russian rockets start to hit Senō (Japanese nickname for Vladivostok).


The Kwangtung army collapses as American bombers from bases in occupied Hokkaido pound every city in Japanese control. The Japanese nuke Darwin and Perth. America destroys Hiroshima and Nagoya. Japanese General Naomi decides Tojo is insane and on October 1st launches a revolution. Hirohito is killed and Japan falls into anarchy. Russian forces invade into Manchuria. DAON forces enter southern China and liberate Shang-Hi.


The Asian mainland is liberated. Naomi takes control of Japan and discusses a peace with the allies.

The Treaty of San Francisco

Japan will no longer retain any territory outside the Japanese Archipelago.

The US, Australia and Indonesia will annex many of the Pacific islands left after the war.

Russia will annex the Maritime Province, Kamchatka, and Mongolia.

China will annex all lost land and Manchukuo.

Korea will be set free.

The Confederation of Fuso will be established to fill the gap in occupied Hokkaido.

Japan will no longer poses nuclear weapons.

Japan will pay 1 trillion dollars to the victors of the war.


The US begins the process to reroute the west coast evacuees back to their homes. The Europeans invade the Ottoman Empire after it collapses into anarchy after the sultan dies.


After continual conflict in Indochina the imperialists of Vietnam are defeated by the a Sino-American army.


Richard Nixon elected president of the United States.


Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam unite into the United Republic of Indochina.


The war in the Middle East between the Europeans and radical islamics escalates after Persia and Russia enter the war. Russia supports the Kurdish and Armenian rebels whilst Persia supports the imperialists.

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