Kingdom of Sweden
Preceded by 970-1384 Succeeded by
N/A Denmark Sweden Kingdom
Flag of Sweden Greater coat of arms of Sweden
Flag Coat of Arms

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Sweden was a former country in Scandinavia. After being formed from some Swedish tribes, it had many fights with it’s neighbors. In 1110 it attempted to colonize Erikson, but had their boats destroyed in a snowstorm. After seeing Denmark take over Norway in 1222, Sweden quickly buffed up it’s navy and army to become a permissible fighting force for Denmark.

After bringing up diplomatic relations for the next 150 years, they decided to hold a governmental conference called the Dubbel Stämman (Double Meeting). After many years of this diplomatic conference, they realized that they could become a major world superpower if they merged together. In 1398, they merged to form the kingdom of Denmark-Sweden. It had two kings (one from each former kingdom) that ruled Denmark-Sweden together.