Kingdom of Sweden
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
Flag of Sweden.svg
(and largest city)
Other cities Uppsala, Åbo, Visby. Jönköping, Linköping
Official languages Swedish
Regional Languages Finnish, Lappish, Gutnish, Scanian
Religion Roman Catholic (Adolphinian Reformed)
Demonym Swedish
 -  King of Sweden, Protector of Gotland, Emperor of the Scandinavian Empire and Lion of the North Olaf IV Vasa
Legislature Småråd
Currency Örtug
Sweden is one of the constituent states of the Scandinavian Empire


  • Allied: Poland-Lithuania, Brandenburg and Burgundy
  • Friendly: Italy, Norway, Denmark and Cologne
  • Cordial: Russia, England and the Teutonic Order
  • Strained: Bohemia
  • Hostile: Lappish and Finnish tribes


  • Rikskansler: Kettil Karlsson Vasa
  • Högdiplomat: Jöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna
  • Högkassör: Magnus Stephensson Bure
  • Storfältherre: Björn Gustafsson Vasa
  • Storlagstiftare: Bengt Olafsson Fleming
  • Storamiral: Erik Leifsson Bååt

List of rulers

# Name
(Born – Died)
Portrait Reign Titles
Years Dynasty
1 Fjölnir the Great 88 BC - 14 AD
104 years
Yngling King of Sweden
2 Sveigðir the Tricked 14 - 25

11 years

3 Vanlandi the Fooled 25 - 38

13 years

4 Visburr Kin-Slayer 38 - 89

51 years

5 Domaldi the Unlucky 89 - 100

11 years

6 Domarr the Just 100 - 137

37 years

7 Dyggve the Forgotten 137 - 154

17 years

8 Dag the Wise 154 - 193

39 years

9 Agne the Hanged-King 193-203

30 years

10 Alrik the Uncrowned 203

less than a month

11 Erik I the Uncrowned 203

less than a month

12 Yngvi the Great 203-259

56 years

13 Alf the Jealous 203-259

56 years

14 Hugleik the Feeble 259-281

22 years

Royal family

The current ruling family of Sweden is the Swedish House of Vasa. The family tree as of 1454 is as follows:

  • Olaf IV Kristjensson of Sweden, Emperor of Scandinavia and Lion of the North, current ruling monarch of Sweden and titular Emperor of Scandinavia. First son of Kristjen I Kristjenson Vasa and Johanna Jönsdottir Oxenstierna. Ascended to the throne after the abdication of King Kristjen. Married to Isabella Visconti, cousin of the current Italian king.
    • Nils Olafsson Vasa
    • Adele Olafsdottir Vasa
    • Magnus Olafsson Vasa
    • Kristina Olafsdottir Vasa
  • Gustav Kristjensson Vasa, King-Consort of Denmark
    • Elsa Gustafsdottir Vasa
  • Johanna Kristjensdottir Gyldenlove, Queen-Consort of Norway

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