Swedish Empire
Timeline: Principia Moderni (Map Game)
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Stockholm, Brussels, Copenhagen
Other cities Oslo, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Kiel, Aahrus, Malmö, Bergen
  others Swedish, Finnish, Same, English, German, French
Area 1,350,000 km²
Population 5,500,000 
Established 1571
Currency Swedish Kroner

Sweden is a large empire located in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. It was formed in 1571 after it left the Kalmar Union with Finland. Sweden has been modernizing rapidly and is a global power with three major colonies in North America, a colony in Africa, one in South America and two in Oceania. Sweden also has a monopoly on the fur trade and possesses a large navy including a huge multitude of midget submarines. Sweden has a vast rail network and bountiful natural resources, producing the finest steel in the world.

Urban Areas

Sweden is ruled from its capital and largest city of Stockholm. The other major cities are in order of importance: Copenhagen, Oslo, Tallinn, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Aarus and Uppasala.


Sweden is divided into 60 provinces. The lands of Norway and Denmark contain 18 and 16 respectively. The remaining 26 are in Sweden. One province is the capital Stockholm and the surrounding area. Sweden has two vassal states: Estonia and Doitmania which each have 10 provinces.


The official language is Nordspeak; a mix of German and Swedish with major influences from English, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian. The official religion is Roman Catholicism.


Sweden is ruled by a council of nobles who obey the French king to varying degrees. Sweden has a semi-feudal system. The ruler of Sweden is titled:

  • "King of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Goths and the Vends, Exiled Grand Prince of Finland, Prince of the Netherlands, Prince of Estonia, High Lord of Scotland, Duke of Pomerania, Prince of Rügen and Lord of Wismar, and also Count Palatine by the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria, as well as Duke of Jülich and Cleve and supreme ruler of all Swedish colonies worldwide.


Sweden was founded in 1571 after leaving the Kalmar Union. They annexed all of Denmark-Norway in the Great Winter War which lasted from 1607 to 1610. The Hanthawaddian War disrupted Swedish growth in 1610 to 1611. Sweden then expanded slowly on the economic and military fronts. By 1621, Sweden was facing some overcrowding due to an overly successful baby bonus scheme. They invaded the Japanese colony of Doitsuchou. The war was a win to Sweden but an overall failure. With the fall of Japanese government, Sweden reattacked Doitsuchou with the ultimate goal of conquering the Low Countries and France. Sweden joined a consortium of nations to attack the Mughal Empire which had been rather unpredictable. Sweden proved herself as a leader in world conflict; severely damaging the Mughal's southern states with its navy and army. Sweden severely damaged Hungary in two conflicts in the 1650s. The first resulted in the Venetian gain of most of Hungary's coastline. The second saw Sweden helping Poland to overthrow Hungary's king. Poland then gave Prussia to Sweden. With the Plague of 1663; Sweden took control of the Anglo-German areas of Scandinavia to stop the plague spreading. Sweden is continued plans for expansion with the mad King Gustav attacking Russia's vast holdings.

The war against Russia was a devastating loss to Sweden, the battlefields drew but King Gustav died. His daughter, now Queen Christina, sought to expand Sweden via peaceful means. However, the blight ridden Russia, greedily attacked. Sweden was forced to lose Prussia, Livonia and Northern Germany. as a result there was growing anti-Russian sentiment in Sweden and its territories. This anti-Russian sentiment was further exacerbated by the death of Queen Christina.

King Charles led and era of military expansion. First he took over Scotland and then King Charles took the anti-Russian sentiment and invaded, but the corrupt Finnish nobles declared independence and then proved their vileness by joining Russia. Charles XI knew the fight was over and turned his attention to the Mamluk crusade but the nobles got rid off him to continue it. The Finnish attack turned into a disaster as Charles made an unexpected comeback and disposed of all the nobles. Sweden then led the Incan Crusade toppling the Incan Empire.

Foreign Relations

Overlord state:

  • France


  • Hungary
  • China
  • Naples
  • Vietnam
  • Itsaygahi
  • Anglo-Germany
  • Spain
  • Ethiopia
  • Yemen
  • Persia
  • Hanthawaddy


  • None


Sweden has fought the following engagements

  • Great Winter War (1607 to 1610)
  • The Hanthawaddian War (1610 to 1611)
  • Doitsuchouian Wars (1621 to 1625) (1635 to 1687)
  • The Mughal Crusade (1639 to 1642)
  • War of Venetian Independence (1651 to 1653)
  • Hungarian Civil War (1653 to 1657)
  • Southern Scandinavian Occupation (1664)
  • King Gustav's War (1669 to 1671)
  • Great Northern War (1683 to 1686)
  • Irish War (1692 to 1693)
  • Swedo-Scottish War (1692 to 1695)
  • Swedish Civil War (1699 to 1707)
  • Mamluk Crusade (1710 to 1720)
  • Swedo-Finnic War (1713 to 1717)
  • Incan Crusade (1724 to 1728)

Vassals, Colonies & Puppet States

Sweden has two vassals:

  • Estonia
  • Hanover

Sweden has two puppet states:

  • Swedish Arabia
  • Fjordlaand

Sweden has seven colonies:

  • Thorlaand is located in OTL Hudson Bay
  • Asgard is located in OTL Anchorage and Hawaii
  • Swedish India is located in OTL East India
  • Hodlaand is located in OTL Baffin Island
  • New Sweden is located in OTL Seattle
  • Swedish Afrika is located in OTL North Africa
  • Fjordland is located in OTL Western South America.