Flag of Sweden

Flag of Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden is a monarchy in northern Europe. It is 1,016,688 sq km, and has a population of 17,690,080. Head of state is King Charles XIII Gustavus and head of government is prime minister Baron Fredrik Reinfeldt .

Sweden borders Denmark (including Norway) and Russia, and the Baltic Sea and the seas Skagerakk and Kattegatt.

The Kingdom's capital is Stockholm, which is also the largest city. Other large cities are Helsingfors, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö, Esbo, Tammerfors and Vanda. Other cities of cultural and/or economic interest are Uppsala, Åbo, Viborg, Lund, Strängnäs and Vasa.

Swedish is the official language of the Kingdom. Other languages spoken there are Finnish, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Sami, German and Karelian. Most of the population are Lutheran Christians, although there are Orthodox Christians in eastern Finland, Roman Catholic and Jewish minorities in the cities. There are also some muslims living in Stockholm, Uppsala and Copenhagen.

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