The Swedish government is a Unitary parliamentary representative domcracy under a constitutuional monarchy. Sweden's current Monarch is King Gustaf V of Sweden. The current Primie Minister is Rickard Sandler. The current Head Speaker of the Riksdag is Vikktor Larsson.

Current Population

6,000,000 est.

Swedish Military

  • Active: 120,000
  • Reserves: 60,000

Swedish Self Defense Force (SSDF)

  • Active: 60,000
  • Reserves: 30,000


  • Kjellman machine gun
  • Swedish Mauser
    • m/94 (model 1894)
    • m/96 (model 1896)
    • m/38 (model 1938)
    • m/41 (model 1941)
  • MP 18.1


  • Stridsvagn m/21-29

Swedish Navy

  • Svea Class Battleship
    • Gota
    • Thule
  • Ornen Class Cruiser
    • Psilander
  • 5 Berserk, John Ericson, & Gerda Class Monitors

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