Kingdom of Sweden
Konungariket Sverige
Timeline: A Reich Disunited
Flag of Sweden Greater coat of arms of Sweden
Flag Coat of Arms
SwedenLocation Reich Disunited
Location of Kingdom of Sweden

För Sverige (Swedish)
("For Sweden")

Capital Stockholm
Largest city Stockholm
Other cities Uppusala, Luea
Language Swedish
Religion Protestant, Islam
Demonym Swedish
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Area 523,000 square km.
Population 9,968,250 
Established 969
Independence from Kalmar Union
  declared 1523
Sweden (Konungariket Sverige), is a nation in northern Europe, and a constitutional monarchy. It borders Norway to the west and the Soviet Union to the east. Sweden's land is predominantly agricultural, as most of the nation has an extremely low population density, especially in the north.

Sweden was officially formed as a kingdom in the middle ages, and expanded its reach to its maximum extent in the late 17th century, when it absorbed Finland. It has been involved in several wars, mostly with the Soviet Union, but has recently more often chosen to remain neutral or resort only to pacifism as a solution.

In the modern day, Sweden is often seen as a moderate nation, although the Social Democratic (DSP) and Communist (NKP) parties have been gaining traction over the last two decades since the end of the Cold War.

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