—  Imperial City  —
Aerial view of southern Swanstone in 2016
Seal of Swanstone.png
Nickname(s): The City of the Swans / The Empire City / The City of Light
Motto: Duc exercitum (Latin)
Lead the way
Country Flag of Cygnia Cygnia
Federal Districts Swanstone 1st–20th
Established 4 July 1614
Counties List (17)
Most populous: Stirling
Least populous: Peppermint
 - Type Council
 - Lord Mayor Jemma Green (acting) (Ind.)
 - Senators Katy Gallagher (DLP)
Zed Seselja (NUP)
 - House delegation List
Elevation 31.5 m (103 ft)
Population (2016)
 - Total 27,639,290
 - Density 6,118.4/sq mi (2,362.33/km2)
 - Demonym Swanstonian
Time zone Western Standard Time (WST) (UTC+8)
Postcode 1000 — 1010

Swanstone, formally the Imperial City of Swanstone, is the capital of Cygnia. It is the oldest city in the country, and was founded in 1614 by Dutch settlers as the settlement of New Rotterdam. Following the conclusion of the Anglo-Dutch War, New Rotterdam became a British colony, which ultimately evolved into the present-day city. Originally the capital of what is today the State of Peel, it continued to serve simultaneously as the imperial and state capitals until 1929, when Swanstone was separated and became a self-governing Imperial City; the city of Fremantle was created from the port regions to serve as the state capital instead.

With an estimated population of 26.583 million in 2012, Swanstone is the most populous city in Cygnia and the premier gateway for legal immigration to Cygnia. Swanstone is a global city, exerting a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education and entertainment.