سلطنة السواحلية
Swahili Sultanate
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
Flag of Swahili
Swahili expansion 1670
Swahili in 1670

Capital Zanzibar-Dar Es Saleem
Largest city Zanzibar-Dar Es Saleem
Other cities Mogadishu, Mombasa, Malindi, Kilwa, Mtwara, Comoros, Mozambique
Language Swahili
Religion Zaidist Shia Islam
Government Sultanate
Sultan Ali
Population 64,056,000 (1880) 
Established 10th Century
The Swahili Sultanate is a nation in East Africa. It covers most of the East African Coast. It is a thriving beacon of commerce and is one of the strongest Indian Ocean Naval and Trade Powers.

List of Sultans

Great figures

Akida: First Swahili to land in the New World.

Adhama: Discoverer of blood circulation.

Rab-Nints: Independent Developer of Calculus.

Hoo-kah: Discoverer of the cell.

Luw-Hak: Discover of multiple new cells, bacteria and protozoa.

Saqee: Developer of elimination theory, resultants and determinants.

Lapet: Developer of the Lapet Rule, a method of solving limits with derivatives.

The scholar Maofa develops a formula that connects trigonometry with imaginary numbers.

Balya: discovers a theory of probability.

Bakwa: developed selective breeding.





List of Sultans

Name Reign Begin Reigh End
Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr
Umar 1389 1424
Ali 1424 1465
Kombe 1465 1495
Mahomet 1495 1503
Sameer 1503 1519
Hamid 1519 1523
Yasser  1523 1546
Hodari 1546 1553
Kiira 1553 1572
Mirza 1572 1582
Mhina 1582 1600
Malik 1600 1624
Kibwe 1624 1675
Hodari 1676 1706
Sefu 1706 1757
Nyo 1757 1792
Khalfani 1792 1823
Ali II 1823 1858
Akida 1858

Administrative Divisions

Admindivisionswahili1710 There are four main categories of administrative regions in Swahili.


Foreign Relations

The Swahili Diplomatic Policy is simple: seek good relations and an alliance with two large Indian Ocean powers, preferably one in India and one in Egypt. This prevents Swahili from being directly threatened by a land attack and helps facilitate trade.

Official Allies

  • Bengal: An ally

Good Relations

  • Most Muslim states.

Neutral Relations

Tense Relations

Hostile Relations

  • N/A

Abysmal Relations

  • N/A

Official Enemies


  • Huriya: Under our vassalage
  • Rowzi: Under our vassalage


  • N/A