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Swabian War (Principia Moderni III Map Game)

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Swabian War
Principia Moderni III
Date 1463 - 1466
Location Swabia, Northern Switzerland, Further Austria
Result Württembergian Victory
Wuerttemberg Banner Württemberg

Zurich-coat of arms Zurich
Flag of Austria Austria

  • Gules a fess argent Further Austria
  • Tirol Wappen Tirol
  • Wappen St. Gallen matt St. Gallens
  • Wappen Appenzell Innerrhoden matt Appenzell

Coat of Arms of the Bishopric of Augsburg Augsburg
Banner of Baden (3^2) Baden
Brandenburg Wappen Brandenburg
Banner of the Electorate of Mainz Mainz
Flag of England Trier
Flag of The Electoral Palatinate (1604) Palatinate
Wappen Zaehringer Fürstenberg
Coat of arms of Ulm Ulm

Wappen Konstanz Konstanz

DEU Kempen COA Kempten
Coat of arms of Ulm Ulm Republicans
Flag of Switzerland (Pantone) Swiss Forces
Various Rebels

Commanders and leaders
Wuerttemberg Banner Ulrich V

Coat of arms of Baden Bernard II
Flag of Austria George I
Flag of England Jakob von Sierk

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