Svenska Serien (literally, "The Swedish Series", also Svenska Fotbollserien, "The Swedish Football Series") was the highest league in Swedish football, and was played between 1910–1924 with a break between 1917-1920 and 1922.

Previous winners

1910AIK (1)Örgryte IS
1911–12Djurgårdens IF (1)Örgryte IS
1912–13IFK Göteborg (1)Örgryte IS
1913–14IFK Göteborg (2)Örgryte IS
1914–15AIK (2)Örgryte IS
1915–16IFK Göteborg (3)AIK
1916–17IFK Göteborg (4)Hälsingborgs IF
1917–18No competition
1920–21GAIS (1)Hälsingborgs IF
1921–22No competition
1922–23GAIS (2)IFK Eskilstuna
1923–24AIK (3)Hälsingborgs IF

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