Sven Svensson Lindberg
King of Sweden (1757-1813)
A.K.A. Sven the Immortal, Sven II
Dates b. 1727 – d. 1813
Predecessor Sven the Great
Successor Rikard I
Importance Brilliant general and shrewd diplomat during the Anglo-Swedish Wars and the Siberian Crisis
Historicity Not a historic figure; created specifically for World of Lesnaya

Sven II (Sven the Immortal) was an influential king of the Swedish Commonwealth who brought Sweden from its imperial roots in the 1600's and early 1700's to its height of power in the late 1700's and early 1800's. His brilliant, though often unscrupulous, diplomacy gained Sweden great political influence in Europe, and his determination and tactical genius on the battlefield led to an eventual victory over Britain in the Anglo-Swedish Wars, despite major setbacks over the first decade of that conflict. Perhaps his most famous exploit was the Siberian Crisis, in which he essentially stood up to the entirety of Europe to defend Sweden from invasion (for which is revered as a great patriot by the Swedes). He is also well known for his advocacy of Swedish global colonialism. He re-established connections with the Swedish colonies in North America and the Caribbean (which his father had neglected to pursue political goals in Europe), and established new colonies in Africa, Australia and the Pacific.

Sven II obtained his nickname and style of "Sven the Immortal" because of his very long reign (54 years), and because of the three severe wounds he sustained on the battlefield during the Anglo-Swedish Wars. He and his father, Sven the Great, were said to be very similar in appearance and personality, and modern-day storytellers and filmographers often fail to distinguish the two men. Historical opinions on Sven and his father are mixed: while they are both regarded as among the greatest national heroes of Sweden, they are often portrayed as villains by other countries (especially in England and Austria).

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