矢澤 すずこ
Suzuko Yazawa
Yazawa Nico Official Profile 3
Suzuko Yazawa
Phantasmal Percussionist
More Character Titles
Species Tsukumogami
Abilities Aura Manipulation, Making anything follow a rhythm
Age Greater than 1400 years
Occupation N/A
Location Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum
Music Themes
  • ja Pristine Beat
Official Games
Print Works

Suzuko Yazawa (矢澤 すずこ) is the main character of the Touhou Project along with Mononobe no Futo. Yazawa is a tsukumogami, transformed from a taiko drum.

General Information

She is a is a tsukumogami and practises Taoism. Though originally born as a tsukumogami from a taiko drum, Raiko now borrows the "magic energy" of modern drummers from the outside world, which is why she uses a modern-day drumset.


Normally, Suzuko has an happy, upbeat, and optimistic personality. She takes on an aggressive personality when intimidated or angry.

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