Suzanne Beatrice of England
Queen Consort of Spain
Tenure 14 May 1593 - 31 March 1621
Spouse Philip III

m. May 1593

Issue Philip IV

Infanta Sancha Maria, Queen of Bosnia
Infanta Mariana Clara of Spain
Infante Carlos
Infante Ferdinand
Infante Enrique
Infanta Ursula Anna of Spain
Infante Juan
Infanta Maria Catalina of Spain

House House of Tudor (by birth)

House of Hapsburg (by marriage)

Father Edward VI
Mother Isabella of Cleves
Born 14 December 1578
Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, England
Died 15 December 1642 (aged 64)
Madrid, Spain
Burial El Escorial, Spain
Religion Anglican

Suzanne Beatrice (Spanish: Susanna Beatriz) (14 December 1578 - 15 December 1642) was the eleventh daughter of Edward VI and Isabella of Cleves. After the Spanish Armada, it was decided that a daughter of Edward VI would marry the eldest son of Philip II of Spain.

Early Life

Suzanne Beatrice was born on 14 December 1578, the younger twin sister of Henry, Duke of Lancaster and the eleventh daughter of Isabella of Cleves and Edward VI. Her maternal grandparents were Sophia, Duchess of Guelders and William the Rich. Her paternal grandparents were Henry VIII of England and Jane Seymour. At the time of her birth, her elder sister Matilda Adela was betrothed to the Prince of Asturias. She was the younger sister of a Queen of Navarre, a Queen of Portugal, a Holy Roman Empress, a Duchess of Anjou, a Queen of Scotland, a Queen of Poland, and the elder sister to the Electress Palatine.

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