The term survivor, in the context of the Human-Zombie War number of humans, both civilian and otherwise, became separated from the rest of civilization. These people became known as survivors, fighting the Zombie onslaught from behind enemy lines. There are several "types" of survivors:

"Lone Wolves"

Lone Wolves are survivors who have struck out alone (frequently into the wilderness), becoming self-sufficient in their efforts to ride out the undead pandemic. Lone Wolves typically only kill zombies that directly threaten them, and are primarily focused on surviving.

A classic "Lone Wolf" in the northeastern United States. Lone Wolves are frequently lightly armed, and live off of the land, using their skills to evade undead encounters at all costs.


Rambos are very similar to Lone Wolves- with two critical differences. Rambos tend to prefer the city to the wilderness, and, most importantly, they tend to be heavily-armed and aggressive, engaging any Zombies in sight, whether they are an immediate danger to them or not.


Posses are groups of survivors who have banded together in order to survive. Stereotypically, posses are composed of very diverse members of society.