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Out of most states in the former U.S.A Illinois was probably the 4th worst effected only next to Massachusetss, New York, and California. Many people in Illinois suffered significant losses and with the wipeout of large cities and loss of needed space many people resorted to becoming tribes and/or criminals. The Illinois rangers fled to Kentucky and helped it take over southern Illinois and Superior has explored and made tributaries of small tribes in the north on the Wisconsin border. In Illinois there are plenty of Scavengers and nomads. Only Recently has some family tribe clans come together and built small monolith housing. In Eureka the Chinks have built a small civilization and the Illini republic coexist nearby them.

List of Known current Survivor states

  • McCleaod Clan- Has built primitive monoliths in Farmland in Illinois.
  • New Chicago Tribes- Refugees of the windy city have after years come together and formed a small settlement on West Illinios.
  • The Farmers Community- Farms in the regions between large cities are overwhelmed by large populations of refugees but some manage to survive

Status of the States



In Illinois civil unrest spread as the gianourmous population of Chicago refugees went and crowded the other areas. Fights and small wars broke out. In the Champaign-Urbana area the Chinks went to war with the Illini Republic. Plenty of raids occured around the state. In north Illinois in a 50mile radius around Chicago a large raid party occured and destroyed the area in what is known as the Chicago war.

Nomads and Scavengers

  • Theifs Gang- A nomadic gang that raids survivor communities or other areas. They live around the entire Illinois area.
  • Western Nomads- Many were stranded holiday travelers when the doomsday occured. Civil unrest spread between them.

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