Suri Empire
د سوریانو ټولواکمني‎
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Flag of the Suri Empire (Principia Moderni III)
Flag of the Suri Empire
Screenshot 9
Location of the Suri Empire
(and largest city)
Other cities Delhi, Kabul, Peshawar, Quetta, Kandahar, Karachi
Language Pashto, Arabic
Religion Sunni Islam
Ethnic Group Persian, Pashtun, Arabs
Demonym Suri
Government Sultanate
Sultan Adil Shah
  Royal house: Suri
Population ~20,000,000 
Currency Rupiya
Organizations UIN

The Suri Empire is a nation in the Indian subcontinent, successor of the Mughal Empire and member of the UIN.

History It was established in 1540 by Sher Shah Suri, a branch of a Muslim dynasty of Pashtun origin, the Suri. Sher Shah defeated Humayun in the Battle of Chausa (June 26, 1539) and again in the Battle of Bilgram (May 17, 1540). By 1647, the Suri Empire emerged as an up-and-coming Islamic state, opening their borders to trade with Ayuttha and the Siamese Empire. In 1649, Adil Shah gave the throne to his son-in-law, starting the Lari Dynasty. Completion of Khan Pir Islam University proves to be one of the premier schools of thought in all the Muslim world. In 1656, the Sultan announced a declaration of war against the Punjab Empire. Prince Amir Terah of Nubia finishes his thirteen years of education in 1668 and returns to his homeland of Nubia. In 1669, the Empire sees a full month of festivities due to the marriage of Princess Aasmaa to Prince Sulimen VI of the Damascan Sultanate.


  1. Sher Shah (1540-1545)
  2. Islam Shah (1545-1553)
  3. Firuz Shah (1553-1566)
  4. Muhammad Shah (1566-1575)
  5. Ibrahim Shah (1575-1586)
  6. Sikandar Shah (1586-1609)
  7. Adil Shah (1609-present) [45]
  8. Sultan Asad Khan Lari (1649-1719) [70]
  9. Princess Aasmaa (1649-present) [?]
  10. Nubian Ward, Prince Amir Terah (23)
  11. Sultan Fadeel Khan Lari (1719-present) (30)
  12. Queen Jaali (25)
  13. Wāli of Multan, Ahkeem Farooqui [42]
  14. Daughter of Fadeel, 'Izzah (14)

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