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The Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation (Russian: Верховный Совет Российской Федерации, Verkhovny Sovet Rossiyskoy Federatsii), also known as the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation and abbreviated as the VS RF (ВС РФ), is the "sole representative and legislative body" of the Russian Federation, and it is legislature of the Russian Federation. The Supreme Soviet is a bicameral legislature, divided between the Soviet of the Federation and the Soviet of Representatives. Both chambers are located within the Tauride Palace since 1993. The Supreme Soviet was first established as part of the 1937 Constitution, initially as unicameral body, and became bicameral in 1989.


Soviet of the Federation

The Soviet of the Federation (Russian: Совет Федерации, Sovet Federatsii), is the upper house of the Supreme Soviet. The chamber takes into account equality between the constituent units of the Russian Federation, with each gaining 3 deputies.

Soviet of Representatives

The Soviet of Representatives (Russian: Совет Представителей, Sovet Predstaviteley) is the lower house of the Supreme Soviet. The chamber means to represent whole people of the Russian Federation and consists of 450 deputies.

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