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Supreme Soviet
Верховный Совет
Sóviet Supremo
5th Supreme Soviet
Coat of arms of New Kamchatka (Venusian Haven)
Type Unicameral
Chairman Vladimir Remek (CPNK)
(Since 2010)
Seats 150 deputies
Supreme Soviet of New Kamchatka (Venusian Haven)
Political groups
  CPNK (84)
  LDPNK (26)
  Venus First (12)
  Pirate Party (7)
  Reform Party (6)
  Green Party (5)
Voting System Mixed-member proportional representation
Last Election 2013
Next Election 2016
Full 03 copy
Supreme Soviet Building
New Kamchatka

The Supreme Soviet (Russian: Верховный Совет, Vyerkhovnyy Sovyet; Spanish: Sóviet Supremo), also translated as the Supreme Council (Consejo Supremo), is the unicameral legislature of the Socialist Confederation of New Kamchatka. The body was established in 2001 and currently meets in the Supreme Soviet Building (located in Vladivenera). The Supreme Soviet is comprised of 150 seats that are democratically elected using mixed-member proportional representation. All seats are up for election every five Venusian years (or roughly three Earth years).

Seven political parties currently have representation within the Supreme Soviet, with the left-wing Communist Party holding the majority of seats. The other parties include: the Green Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, Partido Cubano, the Pirate Party, the Reform Party, and Venus First.


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