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Supreme People's Congress of the Democratic Republic of Cygnia
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Unicameral
Chancellor Franklin J. Heller, NCSP
Chief Minister Max Nielsen (last), NCSP
Members 500
Political groups 1943

  Guests (15)
Voting system First-past-the-post
Last election 5th February 1942
Meeting place
Congress Hall, Swanstone

The Supreme People's Congress of the Democratic Republic of Cygnia was the unicameral legislature of the Democratic Republic of Cygnia. It consisted of one deputy from each of the Republic's 500 constituencies, elected to four-year terms.

The Republic Constitution recognised the Socialist Party as the sole legal party in Cygnia. The Socialist Party, led by Franklin J. Heller, governed the DRC in a monopoly, with the only non-Socialists being Party-approved "guests." Elections were held in four-year intervals, the last taking place in 1942.

Although the Supreme People's Congress was officially the primary legislative body, it in reality only served as a rubber stamp body to legitimise the rule of the Socialist Party.

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