The Supreme Marshal Shukoff of the Regenetech Empire (Regen: Markale dar Regen, plural Markalexz dar Regen) is a military rank in the Regenetech Empire, and the highest. It is granted to generals for exceptional achievements. It is the highest of the seven Shukoff levels. The first SMS was Gallan Krazkazan, the first Shukoff of the Regenetech Empire. He was the first of all Shukoffs to bear the title under the Regenetech Empire. There is no current SMS, and the last one was Drentab S'agradon, who held the title 157 years ago. There has been sixteen SMS's to date. An SMS displays eleven stars. The marshal also receives a baton, a blue cylinder with the roundel of the Empire (multiple roundels, in fact) displayed on it. One SMS has been given the even more exalted rank of Ultimate Marshal Shukoff: inaugural holder Krazkazen.

List of Supreme Marshal Shukoffs of the Regenetech Empire

  1. Gallan Krazkazen (87,935,412 BC to 87,935,310 BC) 102 years as SMS
  2. Harmallik Dimwit (72,362,791 BC to 72,362,746 BC) 45 years as SMS
  3. Moranadan Br (65,000,000 BC to 64,999,911 BC) 89 years as SMS
  4. Jrat Visvaniovich (54,861,029 BC to 54860938 BC) 91 years as SMS (first non-Regen SMS, was Zahntim)

Shukoff Levels of the Regenetech Empire
    • Ultimate Marshal Shukoff (awarded once, no longer attainable)
    • Supreme Marshal Shukoff
    • Grand Marshal Shukoff
    • High Marshal Shukoff
    • Marshal Shukoff
    • Grand Shukoff
    • Shukoff
    • Junior Shukoff

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