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The Supreme Court of America is the judicial institution of the American Union that encompasses the entire judiciary. It involves three different types of courts: General American Court, National Supreme Court, and the Court of Civil Service. The Supreme Court of America has the final say in the General American Court and the Court of Civil Service, yet by definition the National Supreme Court allows for a, lower national court to interpret the facts of the process in the case and accept or deny the ruling.

General American Court

The General American Court, oversees cases that deal with major cases that have occurred over country lines from two or more member states, a break in American Union law, or other major cases set out in the AU Constitution. The Court interprets laws and regulations made by the American Union Parliament and the Constitution and has the final ruling on all cases. The GAC is the most powerful court in the continent.

Current Judges

The GAC has a total of 15 judges, all appointed by the American Union Parliament. The qualifications for a Judge is to be once, or in a National High Court or Appellate court and is over the age of 40. The judge is then questioned by the American Union Judiciary committee, once approved by a 60% majority the American Parliament has to approve the judge by a 55% majority. A maximum of three judges can come form the same country. A judge serves a 15 year term, at the most he can be renewed again for a second, shorter, five year term.

Judge Country Served since
Antonin Scalia Huron 2006 -
John Roberts Huron 2006 -
Morris Fish Quebec 2006 -
Thomas Cromwell Acadia 2009 -
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Huron 2006 -
Stephen Breyer California 2006 -
Richard Wagner Quebec 2012 -
Marshall Rothstien West Canada 2007 -
Rosalie Abella Libertas 2006 - 
Cameron Wallis Polar Republic 2006 -
Beverley McLachin West Canada 2006 -
Robert J. Bauman Pacifica 2010 -
Frank Eren Acadia 2006 -
Lance S.G. Finch Pacifica 2006 -
Brian A. Bruser Polar Repulic 2006 -

Presidents of the Court

The President of the GAC is a member voted on by the GAC itself, and then approved by the Judiciary Committee by 55%. The term of President is a maximum of eight years or by the end of the judges term, which ever comes first. There has been only one President.

Judge Served since President since
Beverley McLachin 2006 2006

National Supreme Court

The National Supreme Court is a court appointed by the American Union Parliament that interprets the laws of it's member states and it's highest judiciary court. The National Supreme Court oversees cases in which involve both national and American Union law and cases in which the National supreme courts can not settle. The National courts can allow the NSC to have the final ruling, but they can also decide not. The NSC was founded in 2009, after the GAC created the new court along with the AU Parliament to decide on these rulings.

Current Judges

The NSC has a smaller amount of judges than the GAC, a total of 7. The qualifications for a NSC judge are much stricter, a judge must have served on a state appellate court, a state supreme court, or a national supreme court for eight years or more. The judge must also be 42 years or more and approved by the Judiciary Committee of the American Parliament by 55%, and the Parliament itself, by 55%. A maximum of two judges from a country can be appointed to the board. A judge can serve only one term, up to 17 years.

Judge Country Served since
Walter Carpeneti Polar Republic 2006 -
Francis Spina New England 2006 -
Roderick Ireland New England 2006 -
Pamela Kirkpatrick Pacifica 2006 -
Anthony Kennedy California 2006 -
Elena Kagan Huron 2012 -
Clarence Thomas Dixie 2006 -

President of the Court

The President of the NSC is approved by the NSC itself, and then approved by the Judiciary Committee by a 55% majority. The term of a President is four years, which can be renewed for a second term or it can end when the judges term ends. There have been two different Presidents since it's founding:

Judge Served since President since
Samuel Alito 2006 - 2012 2006 - 2012
Roderick Ireland 2006 - 2012 -

Court of Civil Service

The Court of Civil Service is the court which strictly oversees the process of the American Parliament's acts and the cases from employees or incidents concerning with American Union law or it's practices. The Court is the final say over lower courts which can also rule on these matters. The Court is the weakest, by power and the cases it oversees, and was specialized to take these cases since it's creation in 2009, right after the creation of the NSC.

Current Judges

The CCS has the most relaxed limitations to allow judges to serve on the court. The total court has seven members, any of which could have served on any county, state, national, or continental court for a combined period of over five years. The judge must also be 35 years or older and approved by the Judiciary Committee by 51% and the American Union Parliament by 51%. A maximum of three judges from the same country can serve on the court at the same time. A Judge can serve for up to three terms, each being ten years.

Judge Country Served since
Thomas O'Hampshire Texas 2007 -
Wesley George Acadia 2006 -
Brent Dickson Libertas 2006 -
Robert Rucker Libertas 2006 -
Sono Sotomayor Huron 2011 -
James C. Nelson West America 2006 -
Mike Wheat West America 2011 -

President of the Court

The President of the Court is approved by the CCS and the Judiciary Committee by 51%. A President can serve up only a one year term of 15 years, or when there term as a member ends, which ever comes first. There has only been one President:

Judge Served since President since
Brent Dickson 2006 - 2006 -

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