Supreme Councilor of the
Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics
State Emblem of the Soviet Union (New Union)
Coat of arms of the Soviet Union
Yuri Afonin (Pax Siamese)
Yury Afonin
Since May 7, 2008
Residence Kremlin Senate
Term length six years
Appointed by the President and the Majority of Senate and Deputies' chambers
Inaugural holder Viktor Chernomyrdin
Formation January 3, 1990

Supreme Councilor of the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics or Supreme Councilor of the Soviet Union (or just Supreme Councilor) is the head of the federal and regional legislature(s) in the Soviet Union and the third most important office in the Soviet Union after the President and Vice President.

According to the Constitution of the Soviet Union (1993), In any case of the incapacity of the President and Vice President. Supreme Councilor will be the Acting President of the Soviet Union in the time before the next election will take places.

Current Supreme Councilor of the Soviet Union is Yury Afonin

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