Supreme Council
Верховный Совет
XXVII Supreme Council
State Emblem of the Soviet Union (New Union)
Type Bicameral
Supreme Councilor Yury Afonin (CPSU)
(Since 2010)
Chairman of Senate Council Ivan Melnikov (CPSU)
(Since 2010)
Speaker of the Deputies' Chamber Oleg Shenin (CPSU)
(Since 2010)
Senate Chamber 150 Senators
Supreme Council Senate Chamber Election, 2014 (Pax Siamese)
Political groups
  United Russia (36)
Deputies' Chamber 450 Deputies
Supreme Council Deputies' Chamber Election, 2014 (Pax Siamese)
Political groups
  Communist Party (165)
  United Russia (153)
Last election December,4 2013
Full 03 copy
Supreme Soviet Building, Vladivenera,
New Kamchatka

Supreme Council of the Soviet Union (rus. Верховного Совета Советского Союза Verkhovnogo Soveta Sovetskogo Soyuza) is the national and federal legislature of the Soviet Union. According the Constitution of the Soviet Union (1993). It is reformed after the old Supreme Soviet which is to be only contained the Communist Party of Soviet Union.

Supreme Council contains Deputies' Chamber, which is the lower house of the council and Senate Chamber, which is the upper house. Both Chambers are located in Moscow. Supreme Councilor of the Soviet Union (rus. Верховный Советник Советского Союза Verkhovniy Sovetnik Sovetskogo Soyuza is the head of the both house and the third important person in the Soviet Union, after the President and the Vice President. In case of the incapacity of both the President and Vice President, the Supreme Councilor will be the Acting President of the Soviet Union.

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