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The Supreme Allied Commander Antarctica is the military officer in command of all NATO forces on the Antarctic continent. A similar title existed in WW-I as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Antarctica but was dissolved in 1919. The title was reinstated in 1940 when Maudlandic involvement in the war called for the establishment of a post with authority over the other allied commanders.

The first holder of the title was the Eduardan politician and General Forest Kosluck. Kosluck was a competent military commander and a decent administrator and was sensible enough to leave most of his subordinates to carry out what orders he gave while ensuring that their was an overall strategy for the allies. After 1941 and the American entrance into the war a condition for the transfer of American equipment and supplies to the Allies in Antarctica was the appointment of an American as Supreme Commander and the Brydian Governor was appointed.

At the end of WWII several Antarctic territories found themselves members of NATO while the threat from New Swabia remained as constant as ever. It was therefore decided that Antarctica would be one of three areas with a NATO supreme commander. Until 1979 the Brydian Governor and the Supreme Commander were one and the same but at the beginning of the New Swabian War the Norwegian commander General Sverre B. Hamre was appointed Supreme Commander for a year but when the assault on New Swabia failed Hamre was dismissed as Supreme Commander and replaced by Maudlandic Tomas Lykke and the NSLP's Hienrich Trelk. Following the end of the war Lykke remained as Supreme Commander until 1990 when he left the post to take up the Premiership. The Frenchman Philippe Mercier was Antarctic Supreme Commander between 1990-1995 before Lykke retook the post until 2007 when he became the Norwegian when a Eduardian general took over the post.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Home territory Notes
Forest Kosluck 1940 1941 Eduarda
1941 1953 Byrdia
1953 1961 Byrdia
1961 1969 Byrdia
1969 1977 Byrdia
1977 1979 Byrdia Forced to retire by the start of the New Swabian War
General Sverre B. Hamre 1979 1980 Norway Forced to retire after the disastrous Battle for Neumayer
General's Tomas Lykke & Hienrich Trelk 1980 1984 Maudland & New Swabia Appointed as Allied commanders during the New Swabian War
General Tomas Lykke 1984 1990 Maudland Trelk left the position as he retired from the military. Lykke retired temporarily to become Premier of Maudland
Lt General Philippe Mercier 1990 1995 France Temporary holder of the office while Lykke was Premier
General Tomas Lykke 1995 2007 Maudland Left in 2007 to become head of the AFMN
2007 N/A Eduarda

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