Supians are one of the five intelligent races of the planet Earth. A race of marsupial primates, mother Supians carry their infants in a pouch for up to a year after birth. Supians are short and stocky, typically measuring 5 feet tall and weighin 180 lbs. After crossing the seas to Australia around 35000 BC, they have remained in that continent ever since, and have never expressed a desire to return to Eurasia. Despite their short stature and physical shortcomings, the Supians have contributed greatly to modern civilization through their advances in art, religion, and philosophy. Beginning in 1200, the Mirians began to invade the Australian continent, but the Supians have firmly resisted colonization. A proud and stubborn race, they have nonetheless lost significant territory over the years to the more powerful Mirians. It is uncertain whether the Supian race will survive the next few centuries, or if they will go extinct before long.

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