This was inspired by Watchmen, Material My Friend Nathan & I made in junior high.In this world, heroes exist, but their mere existence changes everything, what would it be like? Read and figure out!

Dawn of Heroes 1900-1919

At the dawn of the Twentieth Century, as Africa was fought over by the Europeans, and America was emerging as a world power, there was a single event that proved this century would be a different one from previous, the superhero. When Jack the Ripper was mangling hookers, he was caught by a man known as "The Shroud", and was awarded for ceasing this uncatchable madman. In America, Theodore Roosevelt was honored as a true hero, as he could survive being shot in the head.

While some saw these people as "circus acts," some saw the more deadly of them as weapons, especially such as Atlas, Dreadnought, and Ultrawoman, who all could shatter a mountain with the snap of their fingers. Militaristic countries, such as Germany, tried to cash in and conscript all supers within their empires or spheres of influence to defeat their enemies

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