Freedom of Speech Act - During the controversial reign of J.J. Samson (1983-1995) he introduced the Restriction Laws. This was part of his authoritarian type regime and is imposed to restrict media and free speech. The intention of the Freedom of Speech Act is to counteract this restriction and is a major part of the reconstruction of the country after the fall of the Peoples Control Party

Bank Deregulation Act - - The Bank Deregulation Act is an act introduced in 1981 to increase the economic activity of the republic. Many banks can take out risky loans to make more money. Eventually this riskiness will lead to instability within the economy and this is intended to be a major factor in the 1981 Depression.

Political Parties

Republican Party - The largest party within the Ireland and has been in existence since the creation of the state. The constitution states that "a entity or party with republicanism views shall exist. The government shall not convene or function without at least a republican party to hold a public office. This is to protect and stagnate the rise of imperialistic and monarchist views within the government". Many have called for this to be amended but all parties have rejected stating that there is no point due to the fact it will waste government time and a referendum will have to be held when the Republican Party always earns a seat.

United Ireland - The second largest party in Ireland and has long been a rival with the Republican Party.

Labour and Workers Party - The Labour and Workers Party or just the Labour Party is the third largest party within Ireland and has long been the party chose to serve office when both other parties have failed.

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