Ireland is famous for being a very neutral country in WWII and all other wars after that. I created this entire timeline to imagine if Ireland was involved in WWI and WWII. I also hope to expand into Cold War and other stuff like that.

A few problems do arise with this though. Some changes will have to be made to history:

  • Britain will have to have never occupied Ireland due to Irelands strength as a nation. Many of the Gaelic Lords continue to exist until one supreme lord becomes King of Ireland. Eventually with ideas of the Enlightenment the King's power will have lost and the modern Irish state will be formed.
  • The famine never occurred. By default the population will already be up due to non-english influence. This is to keep the population up and the Industrial Revolution will be utilized so that a "population explosion" can occur in Ireland as well as England.
  • On the issue of language Irish will be the first language but English will be popularized with globalisation and the Industrial Revolution. English will become the main language but Irish culture and language will be very strong. In this timeline 99% will speak English with 100% Irish. This is to keep Irish dominance.
  • I will probably keep many of the rebels in 1916 and War of Independence in this as politicians and military men. This means the IRA never existed and the Troubles never occurred because the North is dominated by Catholics.
  • I want to keep this for now strictly post-1900 so that I can concentrate on WWI and WWII I will develop the nation up until the end of the Cold War. The point of divergence is actually not Irelands involvement in the World Wars but actually there never being a English invasion but this would be like rewriting Irelands entire history which is just far to extensive to undertake.
  • Also I am going to be modifying history outside of Ireland.

Please read the Ideas section of this project and submit any ideas or suggestions there for the project. Also read the Timeline for all info on what will happen in the series.

This will be the most extensive project I have ever undertaken and I will prioritise this over all other projects. I am open to people contributing to Ireland Fights. If you do want to help out please check out the Join the Project page for details on how to join and get involved in this extensive althist. When I am done what I have planned (if ever) I will go use this as a development of no english influence.

So the main point of this timeline is that a colonisation of Ireland is attempted by the British but is defeated by the advanced Gaelic Lords. The Gaelic Kingdoms soon fall to rubble after years of war as they have poured extreme effort into the freedom of Ireland. Ireland is a free country for its entire history. It is not ignored and subsisted by the British but thrives and becomes a economic powerhouse. It along with France, UK, China, Russia and the USA are superpowers with Ireland the nation that defied political analysts and became a great influence like the USA.


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