The Superpower League (SL) is an organisation proposed by The Great Welsh Empire. All nations on Earth may join except from France with Wales has got strained relationships due to Normandy.

The current members are: Wales, Turkish Caliphate, Greece, Israel and China.

All members of the SL has to accept the rules of the SL.

The capital city of the SL is Shanghai and every meeting from Year 14 is hosted there.


  1. France is not allowed to join.
  2. All crisis between members must be sorted out diplomatically in our meetings.
  3. If one member attacks another member, they are immediately banned from the SL.
  4. Any countries who wish to join say in the meetings.
  5. All members have to agree these rules.
  6. Of one country attacks an SL member then all of the SL members have to aid the country whose being attacked. All great power nations have to declare war on that nation.
  7. To become a great power nation please say in the meetings.
  8. If one nation doesn't which to become a great power then they just have to remove there bold text on the members list.
  9. All votes in the meetings will last to the whole meeting is over.
  10. There can only be five great nations at a time.
  11. Any country could create a vote removing a country from their great power position.
  12. Great Powers have more influence over SL politics.
  13. Members may share there technology with other members. For example China may share there technology with Greece.


Remember if you don;t agree to these rules you won't be allowed in the SL. Simple as that.

Wales - AH28 

Turkish Caliphate - Bozistanball 

China - Zlello 

Greece -  

Israel - JayJayKingNo.1 (talk) 23:45, November 14, 2015 (UTC)

American Empire -  

Saharan Republic - 

Alaskan Republic - Great showing. B23 (talk) 13:23, November 16, 2015 (UTC)

Ethiopia - 

Malaya - 

Italy - 

Carthage Republic - 

Mayan Empire - 

Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth- Some dud 


Great Power members are in bold while normal members are in normal font. Great powers members have more say over the league. If you wish to become a bold member please say in some of our meetings.

  • Wales
  • Turkish Caliphate
  • China
  • Sahran Republic
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Mayan Empire
  • Poland-Lithuania

Invited Members

These countries are invited to join the SL. If they do say that they do next to there name.

  • Alaskan Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Malaya
  • Italy
  • Carthage Republic


Year 12-13 SL Meeting in London - Discussing the capital city of the SL, the New World, Newfoundland crisis, colonies, France, sporting games, great power nations and anything else.

Year 10s SL Meetings (Lasts from Year 14-19) - Discussing great powers, the collapse of the American Empire and anything else which comes to mind.

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