Superman Reborn is a 2010 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Superman, presented on screen for the first time since 2002's Batman vs. Superman. The film stars Jon Hamm as the titular Superman/Clark Kent, who is a hero standing for Truth, Justice and the American Way in the 1940s before leaving to investigate the alleged remains of his homeworld Krypton. When he returns, over sixty years have passed and it is modern day, with the world having fallen victim to the vices of greed and evil he had once stood against. The film co-stars Rachel McAdams, Ed Harris, Tom Wilkinson, and Olivia Wilde.


In the 1940s, reporter for the Daily Planet Clark Kent (Jon Hamm) leads a double life as Superman, an alien hero who stands for truth, justice and the American Way. The only person aware of his identity is his aging and ailing adoptive mother, Martha Kent (Diane Keaton) who raised him with his late father Jonathan (Kurt Russell) in Smallville, Kansas, after the infant Kal-el crash-landed there in 1920. Kent keeps a home in the bustling city of Metropolis, where he is shy and introverted, and also spends time at his Arctic home, the Fortress of Solitude. The eternally awkward Kent remains secretly in love with his boyhood crush, Lana Lang (Olivia Wilde), now a fashion model in Metropolis who has attracted the attention of Jules Luthor (Tom Wilkinson), a business magnate.

Kent, at the behest of his editor George Taylor (Richard Jenkins), investigates a connection between Luthor and the theft of a comet that landed in Mexico, a connection that one of Taylor's informers within Luthor's company has turned up. Kent travels to Mexico, posing both as a reporter doing an exposee on Luthor's lifestyle in Acapulco and fights Luthor's henchmen as Superman. Kent awkwardly attempts to profess his love for Lang, who yet seems hopelessly enamored with Luthor's wealth. Superman manages to steal the comet fragment from Luthor, discovering that it is from Krypton. He asks a scientist friend of his to attempt to deduce where the comet came from and he is given an approximate location for Krypton, base on a recently discovered supernova over a hundred light years away.

Saying his goodbyes to his mother, who is on her deathbed, Superman resolutely leaves Earth abruptly after Lang blows his advances off to meet Luthor for a gala fundraiser event for the President in downtown Metropolis. Traveling through a wormhole, Superman arrives amongst the remains of the planet, where there is nothing left but floating rocks. He weakens from the abundance of kryptonite there and struggles to return to the wormhole that brought him there after a piece of kryptonite is lodged in his leg. Near death, Superman is ejected near Earth from the wormhole and crashes into a TV satellite, using its antenna to rip out the kryptonite. He heals with the Sun and returns to the surface of Earth.

While having believed that he has only traveled for slightly less than six years, Superman returns to discover that nearly sixty years have passed, returning in the modern day in a time that believes it has no need for superheroes but which desperately needs them more than ever. He finds that Jules Luthor's son, Lex, is the head of the massive conglomerate LexCorp, one of the most powerful companies in the world and a manufacturer of heavy weapons, toxic chemicals and poisonous finances. Kent returns to the Daily Planet, claiming to be the estranged grandson of his 1940s persona, and finds it an embattled, unprofitable publication on the brink of shuttering and struggling to compete against LexCorp's media subsidiaries. He becomes amicable with Perry White (Alec Baldwin), the idealistic chief editor of the paper, who gives him a job as a reporter alongside Lois Lane (Rachel McAdams), a hard-headed journalist frustrated by her inability to move up in life.


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